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October 13, 2018



Sigh...I guess have to do everything myself...101...Again I blame my OCD...and my anxiety...but to make this legitimate,..

They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are destroyed, personally and professionally. More importantly, there's no real down side to punching back twice as hard, as the silent majority of centrist and conservative people have had just about enough of this. Hammering these louts with implacable, well-funded and very public lawfare might convince these miscreants that they do not have the impunity they think they do.

This. I'm not a fan of punching for the sake of punching but to see so many on the right, especially those who are adamant that they are Trump supporters, get all bedwetting about Trump's "horseface" tweet, shows me that they still don't get it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of such an approach in general myself. But in the current climate, after decades of GOPe/Cuck surrender, and after Trump's success after success after success in fighting these leftists at their own game and seeing positive results in the real world with record low unemployment, 4%+ GDP growth, record low unemployment for minorities, etc. etc. etc., to make such an issue of this and get all weak kneed, I'm far more embarrassed for them than for Trump's little (supposedly) pointless nose tweak.


Amen, Brother WTP. I've had more than enough. For the first time in our lives, my wife and I have joined the local political organization. We're using our professional expertise to help them organize, to navigate local laws, to develop and deploy software that runs political organizations and organize donors. We've never been overtly political but for the first time since Reagan, we both sense that we have a President who not only knows how to win, but one who knows that winning is normal and good and desirable. And it is a very attractive quality.


L, I'm beginning to feel the same way. I've dabbled a little in doing research for a local organization but I got a bit of a creepy feeling about it. On the one hand, and since I will be having time for it shortly, I would like to make a similar contribution but on the other hand politicalized people, even people with whom I mostly agree, bug me. I do vaguely know a city councilman, mostly because I worked with his wife, with whom I've talked about local issues whenever I bump into him every couple years or so and he seems fairly normal. More so than his wife, not that she was all that bad and I did get along with her, I just disagreed with the degree of corporate kool-aid she consumed. I may reach out to him at some point.

Rich Rostrom

DrD @ October 13, 2018 at 15:023: Ethnic "studies" have simply become faiths, newly invented pseudo-religions...

Very often true, but there are lots of genuine programs too. For instance, Armenian studies - defined as multi-discipline scholarship covering the Armenian language, Armenian literature, Armenian history, Armenian art, music, and dance, Armenian social patterns... all of which are related.

There are graduate-level programs in Armenian studies at major universities, but as far as I know, no grievance-mongering to speak of.

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