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October 19, 2018



Re: low-hanging fruit, I was unaware that Mr. Medulla had had a musical career before he took up teaching!

And speaking of pleasure from healthcare providers, it's not exactly a new thing. Not for the womenfolk at least.


Ref "today's word is rethink".

In its microcosm I suspect that this is the level of awareness the SJW crowd has of the latent power that they are deliberately antagonising.

Uma Thurmond's Feet

"For some marvellous photographs of the Apollo missions, Michael Light’s Full Moon is strongly recommended."

Third thumbs-up for Full Moon. The coffee table book that doesn't translate to ebook format.

They even have color photos of the moon. You have to look carefully. There was a splash of minerals that make it look like gold flakes were scattered across the surface. But that's it: It's grey all the way down.


See also Light’s companion volume, 100 Suns.

Alex deWinter
Finally got our first color TV -- RCA -- 1968.

Sometime in the early '70s, for me. I recall being flabbergasted that Fred Flintstone's outfit was orange.

Daniel Ream

I recall being flabbergasted that Fred Flintstone's outfit was orange.

1977. Apparently I ran upstairs to excitedly tell my mother that Big Bird was yellow.


[ Hands out cocoa and slippers. ]


Sometime in the early '70s, for me.

November 1973 for us, the better to enjoy Princess Anne's (first) wedding. I remember it being enormous - the television set, that is.


"November 1973 for us, the better to enjoy Princess Anne's (first) wedding."

It was awesome. We got the day off school.

First colour tv: 1980. My dad insisted when we moved house, he didn't see the point, but a cut a deal with my mum. He could thereafter watch the snooker in colour.

Re: the moon landings:



Achievement redefined.

Redefined yet again.

Both Twitter accounts have been suspended. They came to the attention of the Twitter Thought Police.

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