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October 26, 2018


R. Sherman

The dining room scene bears a remarkable resemblance to a sumo match.

As for the link via Decentra, it is worth remembering that the feminists did this to themselves. It is they who started the ball on this "social construct" nonsense decades ago. Fancy there being unforeseen consequences. But by all means, keep firing up those petards.

Sam Duncan

“In Japan, you can rent a middle-aged man.”

One with many drawers, no less.

“Fine print of note.”

Well, I did not know that.

“Norwegian train driver cab cam.”

That reminds me of this bloke driving a 1969 Rolls-Royce he bought off eBay up through Norway to the Arctic Circle. In winter. (Apart from a few minor issues that will be horribly familiar to anyone who was anywhere near a car in the '70s, it went better than you might think.)

“Quiet, ladies.”

“Bar the very few issues that pertain directly to having a vagina, womb, and ovaries...”

i.e, what more than 99% of the population would call “being a woman”...


You first.

A Prince Albert could prove handy if you need somewhere to hang your car keys when swimming, but an engagement finger piercing?


What is it that Jordan Peterson says about male interaction? It’s backed (and therefore regulated) by implicit violence? The dining scenes video would be evidence in a murder trial were Ms Bam Bam differently genitled, no?


Theatre for sale, only $10,000,000.

Jordan said one reason the owners are interested in unloading the property is that it can be a grind for the strip club operators . . .
Daniel Ream

Dining room scenes.

Quiet, ladies.

“This is something very, very common.”

Comment seems unnecessary.


Re: Halloween

I've binge-watched Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House ... best modern-Gothic horror show in ... well, I can't remember when I was so smitten by something original instead of every retread, reboot, Hollywood churns out for the movie theater.

Yes, it is loosely based on Shirley Jackson's novel ... but outside of the house and some familiar names, it really is a different, and outstanding, story.


Re: Halloween

Also this:

Via Dicentra.


My personal website-related Tiny Grumble - actually more of an Adequately Sized Grumble - is when a website imposes certain unnecessary and infrequently required conditions on your password (must contain numbers, symbols, Cyrillic characters, emojis, graffiti tags, etc) and then completely neglects to remind you of them when asking for said password, leading to an increasingly bitter and fractious encounter with the login screen and eventually a tiresome consultation with the password reset facility.


Well, I did not know that.

As someone notes in the thread, it isn’t clear whether the faecal bulk is a warning or a marketing feature.


Simple pleasures.


Quiet, ladies. Men who identify as women will speak on your behalf.

Far-left feminists and far-left transsexuals fighting over who gets to speak for me. What a time to be alive.


What a time to be alive.

Attention, ladies. You are henceforth to be known as menstruators.

Please update your files accordingly.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

As he was mentioned yesterday, those who are unfamiliar with James Lileks should go visit his site.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food and Interior Desecrations are worth the price of admission alone. To be recursive, there is also an Ephematorium.

Farnswoth M Muldoon

We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

Meanwhile, as Halloween is upon us, an experiment in "cultural appropriation" goes as one would expect. If a black guy and a white guy both dress up as Michael Jackson, who is the appropriator ?


He does this better than you do.

Will this cultural appropriation never end? Has the black community complained to the Koreans? They must be outraged.


If cultural appropriation is bad, why are Austrian boomerangs better than Aboriginal ones?

It almost looks like hybridization improves things, whereas strenuously maintaining the purity of a line leads to stagnation.

Would Hip-hop be an Olympic sport if it hadn’t been culturally appropriated across the world?

“My intention was to promote strong, female leadership.”

By being vain, vindictive and ignorant.

Note that Miss Dawes, a former president of Southampton University’s Feminist Society, was much too busy congratulating herself on her own fatuous posturing to do even the most elementary research. It’s a strange mental journey, for a would-be intellectual, to see a memorial to students who died in WWI, and then somehow reduce it to nothing more than “white men” and “patriarchy,” and thus something to be detested and vandalised.

It’s yet another data point to support my contention that feminism, like leftism more generally, is a stupefying phenomenon, in which arrogance and ignorance are applauded as piety, and vanity short-circuits any actual thinking.


Attention, ladies. You are henceforth to be known as menstruators.

If very young a pre-menstruator and if very old a post-menstruator?


On the Soton SU Presidente: I don't know if it's credibly a research fair given her earlier tweet with a photo of the mural mentioning Armistice Day.

Boatswain's Mate

From the "Fine print of note":

"Faecal Bulk" (or as we over he'uh correctly spell it, "Fecal Bulk")

Either the name of a really great punk band or a really crappy Norwegian death-metal band.


Dining room scenes.

400 quatloos on the fat girl.


400 quatloos on the fat girl.

There’s something about the, um, lady’s proficiency, and her disregard for having only one shoe, that makes me think it may not be her first public brawl.

Daniel Ream

Has the black community complained to the Koreans? They must be outraged.

Did you read the comments under the tweet? They're livid.


Did you read the comments under the tweet?

“We need to take better ownership of what we create,” says one unhappy chap. As if break-dancing were some proprietary, quasi-religious activity. Presumably, it’s okay for Koreans to buy the music, but they mustn’t be permitted to do the moves that go with it.

R. Sherman

Presumably, it’s okay ... to buy the music, but they mustn’t be permitted to do the moves that go with it.

Alas, the story of my life. Cue Barry White.


400 quatloos on the fat girl.

Low centre of gravity.

a different James

Dining room scenes.

A fine girl for a cold night.


A fine girl for a cold night.

She’s way too classy for the likes of you.

Daniel Ream

I find myself wondering how all the people laughing at this video would be reacting had the fellow shoved violently to the floor multiple times had stood up and punched his assailant directly in the face.


I find myself wondering…

I can’t find any context for the brawl, so it’s hard to know where one’s sympathies might lie, assuming one were so inclined. But it’s common for people to assume that violent assaults by women should be minimised or laughed off, even though they can result in serious injury. Seems a tad unfair, really.

I remember a girl at school who would impress her peers by randomly kicking boys in the balls and laughing as they buckled. She tried it with me, once, though I was a little too quick for her. It seemed obvious at the time to repay the favour, so I did, vigorously. And while I doubt that a sharp kick to the groin has quite the same effect on teenage girls, it did bring her to her knees in a suitably public and humiliating fashion. More to the point, it served quite effectively as a deterrent.


Entirely unrelated, you want one and you know it.

Sam Duncan

“Also this:”

Her dad's a freakin' genius.

“Please update your files accordingly.”

Rita's own follow-up comment is bang-on.

“... those who are unfamiliar with James Lileks should go visit his site.”

Is he still doing the podcast? He has one of the best radio voices I've ever heard. (*click* Ah. Kind of. Off and on. Cool. Holy cow, the last batch was in 2013?)

“Either the name of a really great punk band or a really crappy Norwegian death-metal band.”

Or a really crappy superhero.


Best to keep those bots away from the swizzle sticks. Shaken, not stirred.

Jeff Wood

Menstruators? What on earth is wrong with "Wenches on the rags"?


What on earth is wrong with “Wenches on the rags”?

Or, beings (of various genders) undergoing The Ghastliness.

Hey, it’s inclusive.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Just in case you misplaced the owners manual for your Panzerkampfwagen.

Fred the Fourth

I got stuck on page 5 for some reason.
None of the Owner's Manuals I produced had this level of content. Sigh...

R. Sherman

Re: Tiger Operator's Manual

Fred, try a different browser, perhaps. I works fine in Brave.

Farnsworth, so the (Bavarian) spouse inquired what I was reading. I told her. She asked, "Why?"

"Well, I was poking around EBay . . ."

Farnsworth M Muldoon

For you fans of T.E Lawrence, The Mint, his unpublished book about his time as Aircraftman Ross in the RAF.

Fred the Fourth

It was not a browser problem. It was a toxic masculinity problem.
Ok, where's the Correction Booth?


I usually enjoy some of the videos "We Are the Thomases" put up, but they really flubbed this one. Lazy writing using stereotypical tropes that were lame in the 1970s. Sad.


R. Sherman: Cue Barry White.

You owe me a large glass of red (the glass and the wine). I dropped it as I fainted. Which also left a large dent in the floor. Hubby will be after you for the cost of repair.


undergoing The Ghastliness.

I’ve found the term “Having visitors” ghastly accurate. Actually I don’t think it gets the least bit more accurate than “Having visitors”. For some of us anyway.


There is a petition to move the date of Halloween.

Next up on the hipster shopping list will be the demand that all days be declared Saturday.


It’s true, captions matter:

Via Damian.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Not parody, from the Washington Post which appears to be trying to provide the darkness they claim democracy dies in.

Don't compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler.

Not parody, from the Washington Post

As Instapundit says, “All they have to do is not be crazy…”


Am enjoying that Lileks site.

"Youth is already besotted by its certainties - and simultaneously insecure about itself and its abilities and stature, for which they compensate by fervent embrace of Causes."




Sam Duncan

“Just in case you misplaced the owners manual for your Panzerkampfwagen.”

Surprised to see it's set in (what looks like) Futura. That initially led me to think it must be post-war, but “1943” is right there in the filename. I guess clarity trumps ideology when it comes to tank manuals.

“I got stuck on page 5 for some reason.”

Then you missed pages 14, 18, 24, 27, 58, 70, 72, and 73. They knew their audience all right.


Then you missed pages 14, 18, 24, 27, 58, 70, 72, and 73.

The phrase that comes to mind is suspiciously thorough.


Idly channel-hopping, I’ve stumbled across something called T. rex Autopsy, in which a team of palaeontologists are dissecting a fake life-size Tyrannosaurus. There’s fake blood everywhere and a tonnage of fake gore.

Sam Duncan

“The phrase that comes to mind is suspiciously thorough.”

Hey, I don't speak German, so...

SJW Hammertime

Hello, if anyone (Dave) can post a link to the interesting website from the American psychologist included once in the Friday Ephemera, offering free psychometric/personality testing when one entered the right pass/code to his personal website, I would be most grateful.


SJW Bacteriophage


SJW Bacteriophage,

I’m assuming you mean this one here, via here.

Enter code 92556379.

SJW Hammertime

Much obliged.....(munches on SJW flesh with extra vigor).
Thank you.

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