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I Question The Location Of The Toilet Roll Holder

Time Sinks (2)

As a change of pace, a non-political palate cleanser, here’s a second selection of the games scattered throughout the Friday Ephemera posts, with a couple of new additions that may entertain: 

Samorost 3. Cryptic, absorbing, somewhat psychedelic.

ELOH. Musical ricochets and animated masks.

Mushroom 11. Fun with post-apocalyptic fungus.

Holedown. It’s all in the rubbery rebounds. 

One More Bubble. Trickier to master than…

One More Brick. Get in behind them.

Returner 77. Explore the alien ship to find out what happened. But be careful.

The Room: Old Sins. Best played on a dark Autumn evening.

Bridge Constructor Portal. Visit the Aperture Science Test Lab. What’s the worst that could happen?

Universal Paperclips. Because you can never have too many.

Feel free to share any recommendations of your own. Previously