Feminism Versus Scrabble
You’re Itching For One

Metaphor In Flesh

Or, The Mao-lings’ Unhappy Id Spills Out In Portland.

“You’re inherently violent,” screams an unhinged blue-and-purple-haired woman named Hannah McClintock, while repeatedly spitting on people and trying to punch them in the face

Captured on video by Andy Ngo, who, needless to say, has more

Elsewhere in the video: “I don’t feel safe with you here,” says another of Antifa’s ladies of Cluster-B, while physically harassing the mild-mannered Mr Ngo, and calling for her comrades to do the same. You see, by reporting on Antifa’s behaviour, Mr Ngo is a “fascist,” a “rape apologist,” a “Nazi,” and a “white supremacist.” Albeit one with Vietnamese parents.