One More Before The Holidays
Tidings (12)

Friday Ephemera

Oddly enough, I did not see that coming. || Pull on the lips. || Depth of field. (h/t, Damian) || Topiary. || Progress. || The thrill of GDP. || Gifts in disguise. || The strange life of Margaret Rutherford. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || She was the world’s first human cannonball. || Noise-cancelling kennel. || Fun with folding cubes. || Portable forest. || These people do not exist. || Cause, effect. || “Aiming to break even for the first time in two decades.” || Possibly related. || Things to look out for in the gentlemen’s toilets. || Lost and Found. || Instant boobs, for adolescent boys. || Bulb-changing chore of note. || Erebeta. || Fun with sand, fungus and lava. || 100,000 stars. || And finally, a small moment of escalating concern.