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Not Quite Getting Over It

From time to time, I wonder whether I overuse the word psychodrama. And then, within days, I find another one of these:

Alex is still unhappy.

Update, via the comments: 

Apparently, Ms Cranz is “ignoring those fucks” - the boys who upset her at school, the boys who could “DEVASTATE” her by smirking or being confident, more confident than she was - and she’s ignoring them by referring to them, passionately, angrily, as if they were of crushing importance, and letting them shape her worldview as a supposedly grown woman. Such that she publicly airs her hang-ups about confident, smirking schoolboys, and construes those hang-ups as activism. Proof of woke righteousness. You see, she’s “dismantling their power structures” by letting them have power over her, in her mind, years later.

Regarding the “boy from Kentucky,” the one whose expression and skin colour so enrage Ms Cranz, see this, and this, and this.

Oh, and this too.

Via Ben Sixsmith