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Old Photo Seen, Umbrage Ensues

You’ll Get Your Shoes Back When You’ve Watched The Whole Thing

Swollen with anticipation, we turn our attention to the self-refuting world of Ms Sandrine Schaefer. This time, our inexplicably underfunded performance artist has taken her talents to the streets of Belfast, where her attempts to disconcert the natives with mind-shattering concepts can be witnessed below. The featured work, Pace Investigations No. 9, reveals “tensions between mechanical, cyclical, and felt time, shared in a site of historic trauma.” Tensions that are, we’re assured, “palpable.”

Sadly, with one brief exception - and despite the palpable tensions of Ms Schaefer’s “guerrilla street performance” - passers-by still pass on by. Somehow, incredibly, getting on with their lives.