Shattering Capitalism The Easy Way
There’s Always A Bloody Catch

Friday Ephemera

Today’s word is multitasking. A story unfolds. || Shocking scenes of Canadian road rage. || Redundant words. || CIA-issue rectal tool kit. For when you need to discreetly stash those tiny saws and drills. || Calligraphy with drill. || Crash heard, culprit detected. || Tone-deafness test. || Pop stars and their younger selves. || Ceaseless vigilance. || Don’t try this at home. || A drink and a show, in one. || Why women are often nesh. || This is one of these. || A Scandal in Bohemia. Starring Jeremy Brett. || When butterflies attack. || Making chains. || Maximum wife points. || You want one and you know it. || Local woman rendered in yarn. || Swell jelly. || Festive scenes. | Feel-good footage. || Or nearest offer.