Your Standards Are Holding You Back
Will Feminist Innovation Never Cease?

Friday Ephemera

Melodrama. (h/t, Julia) || Maintain focus. || Forbidden love. || Forbidden love 2. || Lighting and focal length. || “Allahu Akbar.” || Can confirm. || Masked hero rescues cat. One of these. (h/t, Tim) || Snail versus baby carrot. || Soviet synthpop, 1989. Big hair, cool shades. || On the origins of sports mascots. || On screenwriting. || A ride through the West End of London, 1959. || Just how wide is the neck of the Enterprise? || A heart-warming tale. || Today’s words are educator – and also poisonous harpy. || At last, director’s viewfingers. || The vanishing anus. You heard me. || Gives good tongue. || The treasures of Google Earth. || Possible lair location #46. || And finally, a premonition of trouble ahead.