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March 25, 2019


Steve E

Darleen... I do hope that you're considering some sort of action against Steve E for his post...

My apologies to Darleen. I learned touch typing in grade 9 and have used it all my life (I can still hit about 50 words-per-minute) and my right hand sometimes goes a little faster than my left. Thus, explaining how I split the "e's" with the "n."

PaulF, the Correction Booth's not so bad. The magazines are up-to-date to the mid-90s and it's also where David hides the Wild Camel Fat.

I'm going to take this puppy to the second page with this comment.

Steve E

Readers may wish to ponder why it is that modern leftism dovetails so neatly with the psychological shortcomings of adolescents.

If you consider Marxism to be the origin of most modern leftist thought it's quite easy to see why this is so. Marxism is a juvenile philosophy. It looks at the world the way a disgruntled teenager would look at it. The constant state of being "hard done by," always the victim of actions that "aren't my fault." It can't describe what it wants but it threatens a constant state of "tantrum" to correct perceived imbalances.

Derrida, Foucault et al borrowed the most childish aspects of Marx as the basis for their adolescent post modern beliefs. They talk about everything but how to get along in the world as a grown-up. Their the horrid 16-year-olds at family gatherings telling you how your generation screwed up the world and why we're wrong about everything. They can't keep their rooms clean, or pay their own phone bills, or feed themselves, but they speak with righteousness about equality--even though they clearly believe they are better than everyone else. Easy to believe when you're not even responsible for yourself.

This is why lefties become apoplectic when they hear anything Jordan Petersen says. When they see themselves they're frightened.


is it possible to make a makeover show that didn't uphold systems of oppression/beauty standards?

No one would watch. (Of course, one might ask why a woke socialist is patronizing the commercial culture of materialistic capitalism? It's almost funny how the prog-left's idea of improvement is to ruin everything as it exists.)

On the other hand, her "makeover show" would make ugly into a fashion statement, then that would be the new new system of oppression/beauty standard--which would have to be overthrown. Then revolutionary is right back where she started.


My apologies to Darleen.

No worries, my feelings are not too outraged. Indeed, nothing that couldn't be assuaged by a pound of See's. Soft centers, thank you.

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