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Ah, the wonderment of a child. (h/t, Holborn) || Assorted science-fiction dime novels, circa 1890-1910. (h/t, DRB) || Upmarket scenes. || How to make Korean ice-cream rolls. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Iconic consoles. || Coat hangers, obviously. || She does this better than you do. || Art exhibit of note. || Technically correct. || Woke casting call. (h/t, Allan) || They found his skull and trousers. || Twofold Inc is a game. || If you snigger at this, even a bit, you’re a terrible, terrible person. || Always respect the media. || Mural of note. || More snuggest of snug fits. || Heh. || Effective but inadvisable. || “I am unable to can.” || Upscale construction set. (h/t, Things) || And finally, today’s words are escape velocity.



I’m a terrible, terrible person. 😄


Upmarket scenes.

Fifteen quatloos on the one one in white.


How long, oh Lord, how long

Will sane people put up with these woke lunatics?


Rayna met a robot on the street and instantly declared her love for it.


Roll em!

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Mural of note.

Meh. The Kansas City (Missouri, not the fake one in Kansas) Public Library did it better, and in 3D.


I still like it.


Fifteen quatloos on the one in white.

At least she shaved.


today’s words are escape velocity.

I want to believe.


Morning, all.

At least she shaved.

I fear I’m seeing things I wasn’t meant to see. Still, I do admire the lady with no shoes but a magnificent hat – the one who, despite the brawling, shrieking and flashes of underwear, refuses to be diverted from her mission at the bar.

That’s class, that is.


If you snigger at this, even a bit, you’re a terrible, terrible person.

I'm not even sorry.

Coat hangers, obviously.

Who *doesn't* buy coat hangers?


Who *doesn’t* buy coat hangers?



Re: Andrew Zimmern - never explain, never apologise.

I have never eaten in one but I thought it was widely accepted that PF Chang's food is dreck? Certainly most Chinese restaurants in the UK are awful. It would be pretty easy for anyone of any race to make a better job at it.

The idea that only Chinese people can cook Chinese food is for morons.


Upmarket scenes.

After watching the cultural activity, my first thought was that the only thing missing was 50 gallons of partly melted jelly. Perhaps the ladies thought they were at a gypsy horse fair?


Further to the Roger Scruton / New Statesman saga, mentioned here, Tim Newman has some thoughts:

Journalists like to claim they are under attack more than ever before. They do so on the rather pompous presumption they are guardians of the truth who hold the powerful to account. I doubt journalists in the UK are in any greater danger than ironing-board vendors, but if I wanted to increase the online abuse and threats media figures receive, and diminish public sympathy if and when one gets smacked in the mouth by a disgruntled citizen, publishing a brazenly dishonest interview and quaffing champagne in celebration when the subject gets fired is how I’d go about it.

Again, it’s worth pondering what kind of person publicly exults in his own dishonesty, as if it won’t be found out within minutes - or when discovered, won’t matter to his readers.

[ Link added to post. ]


This is dated March 27 2019:

The boy George, in his own words, on "why, now more than ever, we need skilled journalists to advance the truth and shape the debate."

Well, this should be good (my italics)...

    When asked about the importance of social media, George said it “helps huge amounts, I’m a very active tweeter [ ... ] Twitter is incredibly useful in helping me think about subjects to write about but you also need to be reading widely. Try to understand your opponents’ arguments and think about what you can learn from them.

Shurely shome mishtake?

    George said his favourite part of his job is “the chance to interview so many interesting people ...

Well, I suppose that part has some truth to it.

    “In some ways, I think [distrust of the mainstream media]’s entirely justified,” George said, ...

    “A challenge for journalism is the rise of social media and the fact it allows false information to spread like wildfire.

Why, you don't say?

    I think it’s an important time for trusted, credible titles to remain relevant and prominent. Journalists must win the trust back they have lost. It’s not enough to lecture the public, you need to earn that trust and have a degree of mutual respect and I think one benefit of social media is that if something is wrong, audiences have a platform to call this out.

There's an awful lot that could be said about that particular paragraph in light of his Scruton interview and the subsequent fall out - especially as these comments were published a mere two weeks ago.

But one of the most telling to my mind is the underlying assumption that journalism involves "lectur[ing] the public".

That, I think, speaks volumes.


especially as these comments were published a mere two weeks ago.

That, as they say.

She does this better than you do.


Watched it 3 times.

Still couldn't see the gorilla.

Or the basketball players.


Regarding the New Statesman’s latest exercise in dishonesty, Ben Sixsmith has more.

Smallish Bees

Did you all like the black hole? Too bad! Anish Kapoor has purchased exclusive rights to it. He calls it, "Anish Kapoor's A##hole."


In the past few days alone we've had the panic about Roger Scruton, Cultural Marxism and Paul Embery. It seems there's been a sudden step change concerning punishing wrong think!

Boatswain's Mate

There aren't enough terribles in the world to describe me then, because I didn't merely sniggle, I bust a gut laughing.

And no, I will NOT report for re-education.


the panic about Roger Scruton

I wouldn't call it a panic. I'd call it part of the ongoing program to punish and silence all who oppose the left. If they're doing it more now than ten years ago, it's only because they have more power to do it.


I'm a terrible, terrible person.


I’m a terrible, terrible person.

I’m taking names.

Steve E

Upmarket scenes.

Viscious women. They know how to do the most damage. Each of them tried to kick the other in the fake breasts, hoping, I'm sure, to cause a rupture in the bag followed by a deflating leak. There was more body filler in that video than I had in my 1968 Toyota Corolla rust bucket.


I wouldn't call it a panic. I'd call it part of the ongoing program to punish and silence all who oppose the left. If they're doing it more now than ten years ago, it's only because they have more power to do it.

Well let's be clear, I'm not in a panic, but when you read the comments of the left, they certainly seem to be. I suspect it's mostly theatrics but the reality is that it's awfully effective. My point is simply that the threshold seems to have changed recently and I might speculate why.

I suspect that it's related to recent coverage of anti-antisemitism in the Labour Party. I know a few people who, despite it all, remain loyal to that party. Their response when I ask why, is initially to say "it's all overblown", but when you quote specific examples, they change tack to say "it's much worse in the Tories". Hence their need to find racism where there isn't any and why it's particularly important now. As to whether they actually have more power, well the power in two of these instances was with the Conservatives to say "no", but they are still wedded to the idea that they can win over the London crowd by admitting they are the wicked Party.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

If you snigger at this, even a bit, you’re a terrible, terrible person.

I too LOLed. I am literally Hitler.

Sam Duncan

G... f... dammit! I accidentally closed the tab. Well, I'm not typing all that again. You'll have to make do with “Well done, everyone” and just imagining a bunch of entertaining and intriging links.

I can confirm that I'm a terrible, terrible person though. I tried, honestly I did. But those eyes...

Runcie Balspune

Lay off the games, DT, you are still on probation after the potato one.


you are still on probation after the potato one.

I’m not even sorry.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Who in their right mind would shell out£750 to wear something just to fanny* about ?

*(I am lead to believe Fendi also sells a Brazillian version, it is unclear if there are PoC versions.)


"Oh, the things you see when you haven't got your gun."
- Mrs Slocombe, "Are You Being Served?"


Dean Yuckoo (sp?) is having trouble with her dentures. She keeps tripping over her vowels and cannot pronounce the letter "r".

If I am required to attend a training class as part of my job, I must be compensated for that time. (At least in the US this is true). If participation is voluntary, compensation is not required.

Maybe the actors could all receive the same pay and then the white actors could - voluntarily, mind you - pay reparations to the POCs for being responsible for all the horrific evils of the world such as slavery, islamophobia, and traditional marriage, and none of any of the good and wonderful things, like flush toilets, and Twitter.


Re: Heh

I've wondered what PhD candidates in Philosophy were up to these days. Apparently, there is work in meme-ing.

Fred the Fourth

Iconic consoles.

The first big HW I programmed was a IBM 360/65. Big console covered with blinkenlights showing various register states. Came in one night and there was an audio speaker jacked in to one of the light positions. Eventually I discovered a tech way around the other side of the CPU, who was tweaking something or other. He was observing the effects of his mods simply by listening to the tones produced.

Fred the Fourth

The next year the lab got a 370/158 VM, whose panel was quite boring in comparison. This boring trend continued until I worked on a Data General MV/8000. (C.f. Tracy Kidder's "Soul of a New Machine"). We attached a display screen which graphically showed what parts of the microcode instruction address space were being used. Quite hypnotic, and really useful for speed tuning work.


If you snigger at this, even a bit, you’re a terrible, terrible person.

Arkansas Man and another Arkansas Man . . . . . .


When I was a kid I had no idea that you could buy rubber bands (or as known in Pittsburgh, gumbands) in a store. I thought they all came wrapped around the evening newspaper. I also remember the first time it dawned on me that you could buy boxes of nails ALL OF THE SAME SIZE. I mean, I felt stupid when I realized this, but wandering down the nail aisle at the hardware store at the age of seven was almost as exciting as a trip to the pet store.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

The left summed up nicely by Miss McGrath.

Given that hate speech is not possible without free speech, any defence of free speech is a form of hate speech.
Farnsworth M Muldoon

A proper response of note.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Leftism is a mental disorder, Jordan Hunt edition.


Leftism is a mental disorder, Jordan Hunt edition.

Farnsworth, I clicked through the link in the details of the video and first thing I read

A publication ban prevents us from reporting the details of Jordan Hunt’s pretrial hearing.

And was confused because court proceedings are public.

Then I saw it was Canada. Though, I'm still shocked.


Big wings.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

"Gender dysphoria" the global warming of mental illness.

The last one is best, "So how are you feeling today ?", "Pretty good, you know I really don't feel gender dysphoric at all." "ZOMG, a classic presentation ! Nurse, hormones stat !, the patient's dysphoria is getting worse !".

Richard Cranium

From the Grand National twitter thread...

And the poor horses suffer for this?

Horses are expensive and fairly useless in modern times. Rid yourself of horse racing and the number of horses left in the world will drop quite a bit.

Jeff Guinn
[Tim Newman:] And suddenly I’m dealing with a petulant child. Like I said, it’s not just that journalists peddle fake news but they are incredibly thin-skinned and aggressive when called on it

Speaking as someone who would be a perfect candidate for Gell/Mann amnesia, the MSM reporting on the Lion/Ethiopian 737 crashes has been perfectly, absolutely, lazy. Unless journalists are uniformly stupid.

Should I embrace the power of "and"?

The point being: facts are, in fact, available. To anyone with the slightest notions of which questions to ask, and where to look for the answers.

Ice Cream Roll Special / Korean Street Food / Devil's Recipe, Gumi Korea

Back in the day, so far, in fact, that cell phones didn't have cameras, I was in Seoul and happened upon a restaurant with a sandwhich board outside.

Pictures of the offerings, and Korean descriptions. (Lucky for us, the Greeks invented the alphabet. Otherwise, computers would never have existed.)

And also English transliterations.

Next to one: Soon Doo Doo.


I don’t know that I want the number of horses to drop. Many are beautiful, they mind their own business, and their owners don’t call them “furbabies.”

The noun as such I don’t mind—you can call your dog a lawnmower for all I care—but when a woman starts talking about her furbaby I know she’ll be even more boring than one talking about her identity.

What happened to the good old days, when people bored you with their grandchildren?


Jeff, I know several people with Suk in their names, who get called “Suck” a lot, especially, for some reason, by computers calling to remind them of doctor’s appointments.

Daniel Ream

when a woman starts talking about her furbaby I know she’ll be even more boring than one talking about her identity don't know a lot of horse people, I'm assuming.


No, I don’t, but oh God, do I know furbaby people! I have unworthy fantasies of asking loudly “So, Debbie, how’s that DOG that you OWN?”

They’re nice ladies, they really are, with either an excess of maternal instinct (the ones who had and raised actual kids) or no other outlet for maternal instinct (the childless ones). It’s just that there’s something creepy about a human being who appears genuinely unable to understand that a dog is not a child. It’s rough on the dog, too.

A shout-out to my neighbors on each side, who own dogs. The one to the west is an addled purebred, who can’t remember me from one day to the next, so I don’t have much fun with her, but the one to the east is a mutt who wags politely when he sees me but barks at Son. Son’s afraid of dogs so Mutt is probably picking up on that.


Good God.

This lady has succinctly described what it’s like to have cancer, and squeezed all the horror into her few words. I was so moved I am going to start a novena for all cancer patients. Feel free to join.


On a happier note, to the other lady readers (all 2 of you): do you play Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector)? Gentlemen, do any of your female friends or relatives play it? If so, and if anyone has caught the ninja, please ask her how she did it. He’s the only one I can’t catch.

“🎼Across my screens
With bits of Ritzy
I chase that damned elusive ninja cat I need🎼


We need to talk about…

A thread.


I chase that damned elusive ninja cat I need

"They seek him here, they seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere...."

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Famed and generally rational feminist lesbian who sees herself as transgender is apparently not woke enough for the Clown Quarter crybully students.

Here is what we demand of UArts: 1) Camille Paglia should be removed from UArts faculty and replaced by a queer person of color...(yada,yada, yada...) UArts: you are disrespecting your students and putting them in danger.

Violent danger, get it right, you nitwits, though I suspect if the replacement PoC was a younger male, that would be both ageist and misogynst, so tread carefully.


you are disrespecting your students and putting them in danger.

Our would-be elite - the ones spending $43,000 a year on tuition alone - seem unfit for purpose. Pretty much any purpose.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Our would-be elite...

...with this level of thinking.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

I can't believe you poor SOBs on the other side of the pond have to subsidize this sort of idiocy just to watch the tube.

BBC BodyPositive is a space to share, celebrate and connect. A space that champions self-acceptance. A space where everyBODY is represented.

Yes, yes we do, and reopen institutions.


this sort of idiocy

Not entirely unrelated. Because joint failure and incontinence, when caused by obesity, constitute “body positivity.”

Fred Streeter

For a good 5 min. sneer?
Well worth the money.


"Pretty good, you know I really don't feel gender dysphoric at all." "ZOMG, a classic presentation !

Good laugh but what is insidious about that slide by the "mermaids" is that is it flipping psychology on it's head. Many long-time doctors who have dealt with gender dysphoria, especially in minors, have maintained that a presentation of GD is a symptom of underlying issues with things like depression (these doctors are being driven out of the profession). This group takes a plethora of issues and presents THEM as a symptom of underlying GD.

Cultists like the Mermaid scam are targeting teens with ADHD, autism, despression etc with the magic answer of "You're Trans! Here, take these hormones and let's cut off your reproductive bits and you'll be happy forever!"

It is killing people.


It feeds on the teenage girl’s desire for drama and the teenage boy’s desire to get into the girls’ locker room, and on the teenage desire to belong to the in crowd. And I do think the demonic is involved; the ultimate goal is so obviously to destroy life and there’s that telltale unnatural appearance. A demon can never do a perfect impersonation of a human, there’s always something missing or distorted. Likewise, a normal drag queen can look a lot more feminine than you or I can; he may be eccentric, but his feminine impulses, however misplaced, are still human. Compare a normal drag queen to the freakish distortions inflicted upon today’s confused transexuals. And when the unfortunate wakes up one day to a moment of clarity, thinks “Oh, God, what have I done to myself?” and the only response is laughter from Hell...well, no wonder the suicide rate is so high.


“It’s time to stop obsessing over Game of Thrones...”

Well, he’s got his nerve! Name me one person not in The Media who DOES obsess over it.

I do not care for the term “the media” and would like to encourage a substitute. How about “propagandists,” “racists,” “idiots,” or “assholes”?

Steve E

Name me one person not in The Media who DOES obsess over it.

I grew up during the heyday of network television. There were basically three choices every half-hour or hour in the evening and invariably one or the other would be somewhat dominant in its time slot. As a result, we all shared the same "culture." When we went to school or work the next day we talked about what Fonzi did on Happy Days, or the ridiculous thing Archie Bunker said on All in the Family. We repeated the best lines from Carol Burnett verbatim and we empathized with the Korean War medical staff on Mash. The thing is there were 30 or 40 million of us who had watched those shows together and shared an experience.

Television is so fractured today that "big numbers" for a show are now a fraction of what they used to be in a market that is 50 percent larger. Now there are dozens of choices and we might not all see them at the same time. We can't even talk about them the next day because someone is saving them to binge watch at a later date and doesn't want any spoilers. The result: television viewing has become even more personal and the criticism even more intense because it's personal.

Unfortunately, viewers and critics alike still think we're all sharing the same experience when we no longer are. (My wife and I just finished watching Breaking Bad beginning to end over three months for the first time.) So even though I saw the show, I did not see it in the same context or at the same time under the same conditions as those who saw it "live" first time around.

The result is we are becoming as culturally fractured as our television and I don't think it's necessarily for the better.



Pretty much any purpose.

Fertilizer is a good purpose.

Chester Draws

Well, he’s got his nerve! Name me one person not in The Media who DOES obsess over it.

We went to Croatia recently. I've long had an interest in medieval Croatian history and wanted to see some of the places in person.

Both Split and Dubrovnik were absolutely crawling with Game of Thrones fans. Having not seen the series (I don't like to start watching series until I know that they end in a satisfactory manner) I wasn't aware much of it is shot there. Once you got there, though, you couldn't move for tours and advertising of it. So there's quite a few people out there who appear to take the series rather seriously.

The recent Star Wars was also partly shot in Dubrovnik, which just made it worse.

It didn't spoil my holiday, but it did mean we didn't spend too much time in downtown Split or Dubrovnik.


I almost passed out from an overdose of irony. NOT Babylon Bee.

Fred Streeter

"They said they intend to hire full-time employees and eventually transition from a limited liability company into a business cooperative with shared ownership, profits and votes on key decisions, including how much Burton and Hayes would be paid."

And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of talk,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.


I almost passed out from an overdose of irony.

The majority of Means TV’s content will focus on the lives of everyday workers, they said.

Sounds gripping.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Means TV began releasing preview videos last month and Burton and Hayes are aiming to raise $500,000 through the website by May 30. That amount could finance an initial year of programming...

I suppose, if by "year of programming" they mean a handful of homemade videos endless looped to whoever is in range of our wifi, given a single half hour episode on a real network is a couple million. "Lives of every day workers", I can see it now...

     "All in the Collective" - The wacky antics of reactionary wrecker and saboteur factory boss Arkady Bunkernyy and his clashes with goodthinking downtrodden proletariat son-in-law Mikhail "Myasogolova" Stivicov.

     "Larisa и Sofia" - the trials and tribulations, laughs and loves, of two vodka plant workers as they struggle to rise and take control of the means of production.

I don't know why I have a sense of deja vu with those, but going head to head with the Big Three and other major networks with their almost 24/7 pro-socialist programming is a bold strategy.

“I grew up with this idea that Democrats were morally right. And after 2016, I realized that they’re all full of (expletive) — it’s not true. After eight years of Obama, nothing happened, except things got worse," Burton said.

I see Miss Burton is incapable of connecting dots.

“Bernie is definitely the person who radicalized us," Burton said...

"By George, the doddering antediluvian millionaire with three houses is a mighty fine exemplar of socialism", said no sane person ever.


votes on key decisions

Who is John Galt?

Steve E

votes on key decisions

Votes in a socialist system are handy for identifying who needs to report to the Gulag for re-education. Either that, or there's only one option on the ballot and only one way to vote. And if it's anything like a union vote, there's no secret ballot.

Ordinary people can exercise their vote by not watching Means TV.


And if it's anything like a union vote, there's no secret ballot.

Funny, that. I can't imagine why union pukes would oppose secret ballots. /sarcasm

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