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April 07, 2019



There's a smile on my face but it's only there to fool the public...Seriously people. Seriously...


Watcher In The Dark

Of course cyclists need their fragile egos massaged and delicate sensitivities wrapped in soft fabrics. They are Guardian readers, after all.

Daniel Ream

Burlington, where I live

O_o Bloody hell, man, we're neighbours. We'll have to lift a pint some evening.

Steve E

We'll have to lift a pint some evening.


J. Tubman

This long-time bicycle rider and conservative voter is very irritated that the lefties have claimed bicycle riding as Their Thing. Cycling is an excellent example of the conservative virtues of hard work, thrift, and self-reliance. Any bicycle rider who follows the rules of the road and shows ordinary courtesy to other road users will seldom be hassled, and will give no cause for others to be annoyed.

I'll use bike lanes and cycle tracks if they are there, but I have never asked for them.

Cyclists who blow through stop signs, ride three across, ride on sidewalks, etc., get no sympathy from me.

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