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Via Mr Muldoon in the comments, our betters at work:

All these things and more

Laughable, yes. But not harmless:

All school principals, district office administrators, and superintendent teams were required to attend the anti-white supremacy training put on by the city DOE’s Office of Equity and Access… “It requires discomfort,” said Matt Gonzales, who serves as an outside adviser on the DOE’s school diversity task force and is a director of New York Appleseed, an advocacy group for school integration. “Having to talk about someone’s own whiteness is a requirement for them to become liberated.”

Ah, salvation via struggle session. How wonderfully Maoist. 

White employees who object when accused of harbouring deep-seated bias are branded “fragile” and “defensive,” one insider who received the training has said… [New York schools chief, Richard] Carranza says that those sceptical of the training “are likely the ones who need the training the most.”

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