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Friday Ephemera

I Can Feel The Art Improving Me

Yes, it’s time for an open thread. Feel free to share links and bicker.

As an enriching cultural bonus, here are some Estonian art gallery scenes, in which a full-figured feminist protests against the “violence” of the art on offer – while naked, obviously - during a visit by schoolchildren. The artist being denounced is Marko Mäetamm, whose offerings to the world are numerous and can be savoured here. The feminist lady taking umbrage, Mare Tralla, also makes bad art.

The boy in the hat, fourth from the right, rather captures the moment, I think.  

Via Orwell & Goode.


Boatswain's Mate

The "Wax My Womanly Testicles" melodrama has now reached a point beyond creepy, beyond parody, and is now pinning the Outrage Meter. And yet, Lindsey Shepherd (and Meghan Murphy, man-hater though she may be) is still banned from Twitter, and HE (yes, I called him "HE") is not.


it’s doggerel more or less

Yet it still can be used to impress the ladies.


Trust me. Even the only line of middle school French I still remember works: “Close your mouth my little dog.”

RE: Boris

Clearly if he wants to please the Graun what’s needed is swarthy Jew haters.


Right, tomorrow’s ephemera has been compiled and should materialise just after midnight. And as today’s temperatures were a tad fatiguing, on account of their being rivalled only by The First Seconds Of The Creation Of The Universe, I plan to be horizontal for seven hours or so.

Play nicely. Use coasters.


One more question about Kids These Days. Do they know the American Revolutionary War occurred?


I looked up the poor kid who got bison-butted. She’s okay.


David’s gone!



Sam Duncan


[Fends off incoming kernels with coaster]


Time for the heavy artillery! Release the popcorn balls!


You may “pop” off when ready, Sam.

Damn the pickled eggs, full speed ahead!


Tsk. War is all hell, boys.


Damn the pickled eggs, full speed ahead!

That may be a violation of the Geneva Conventions.


Comrades- this crap would have never been allowed under Stalin! Bernie, please come and save Mother Estonia!

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