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Her Big Fearless Self

He was white, you see, and obviously that’s another incriminating feature:

Eat feminism  become this.

Update, via the comments:

As so often, these little things are quite telling. I realise that gestures of politeness or chivalry aren’t always perfectly expressed, but it takes a certain churlishness, a practised sourness, to construe the above as some ill-intended act of patriarchal oppression, and therefore something to resist - before publicly congratulating yourself on Twitter. And as noted previously, it’s curious how all this feminist empowerment doesn’t seem to result in much stoicism or self-possession or mental resilience, just lots of narcissism, ingratitude and chronic whininess. Such that publicly disdaining the physical attributes – whiteness, maleness, middle-agedness – of the person offering to help you retrieve your overhead luggage – is deemed an act of woke piety. As if these were things for which a person should be disdained, along with their offers of help.

Via Ben Sixsmith. Also, open thread.


Jay  Guevara

Mel Brooks teamed with Monty Python couldn't come up with this stuff.

Here's the first skit: the socialists deciding with what phrase to replace "colored people," which is obviously offensive, with something having the same denotation, and running through the candidate prepositions.

"How about 'people WITH color?'"
"Nah. 'People TO color?'"
"Wait. 'People ABOUT color?'"
"Hmmm. 'People UNDERNEATH color?'"
"What about 'people AROUND color?'"
"I've got it! 'People OF color!'"

(Apologies for the American spellings.)

Nate Whilk

Farnsworth M Muldoon wrote, "Mel Brooks teamed with Monty Python couldn't come up with this stuff."

I bet they did, but they decided it was just too implausible, even for their humor.


"Down with Capitalism! Down with grades!"

The professor is at the New School, which from its founding has been a cesspit of communist dogma.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

One more - Trabant

The much maligned Trabi.

Yes, compared to a West German car of the same period, it was a piece of junk, but for making something from nothing for people who had nothing, it was marginally magnificent. Scrap cotton waste soaked in plastic resin, laid in sheets and stamped into body panels - East German fibreglass. Gravity fed like a motorcycle = no fuel pump, one less problem. Loose tolerances on the pistons - a good thing for when the belt driving the cooling fan breaks and it seizes. Wait five minutes, and drive off. Need to get underneath ? The handy Trabant work jack is just the thing for working in the alley behind your apartment tower. Just take the windshiled wipers off at night so they don't get nicked.

A little tuning, and they are a match for an E30 M3.

Rich Rostrom

Could be worse; she did say "No thank you..".

Daniel Ream

Marvel has generally been very good at casting, but this choice was bewildering.

I didn't think so. Kevin Feige is clearly a very savvy producer. Marvel Comics is aggressively committing financial suicide-by-wokeness, and rather than parent company Disney stepping in and telling them to stop shitting up the source material, the influence went the other way. I think Feige saw the writing on the wall - the SJW parasites inside Disney were coming for the MCU - and he distracted them with the most half-assed MCU film he could get away with, leaving him free to cement his legacy with Infinity War/Endgame. At which point he exited the franchise, leaving his legacy secure and any future self-immolation of the MCU Somebody Else's Problem.

Re: Broken Arrow - good catch. I hadn't noticed the similarity at the time, my read on it was "unfunny mashup of Men in Black/Green Lantern/Top Gun" but the fact that they threw in more random hyper-masculine aviator movies doesn't surprise me at all.

Governor Squid

Why does the Trabi come with a rear-window defroster?

To keep your hands warm!

Sonny Wayz

"Jessica Yaniv, a transgender B.C. activist, says she was arrested for brandishing a Taser."

So Yaniv, the penis-equipped, hyper-litigious person gets sentenced to time in a women's pen. Imagine the fun which will follow.


Murder porn: Hollywood Film Depicts Trump Supporters Being Hunted for Sport by Liberals.

This raises the perennial question what percentage of liberals secretly want Soviet-style death squads eliminating the Deplorables. Few will admit it, but nearly all are strangely silent about such propaganda and even about acts of political violence.


murder porn genocide porn.


The trailer for that film seems to show the hunted conservatives as the sympathetic heroes. Unless that's the twist. Twisted either way. I smell a bigger rat, though.


WTP, that’s not much different than the way certain Europeans (and others) profess respect for the dead Jews killed in the Holocaust, while hating and scorning the live ones.


Well, like I said I smell a rat. The thing is the reporting on this issue, what little I just the PJ Media piece, leaves me with way more questions. Questions that I would expect the article writer to mention/address. And maybe being out of The Narrative, I should inherently know some of this but as it's a B-movie, I don't think that applies here. Who is Donna Langley? Who is Jason Blum? Do they have some sort of political track record or obvious biases, besides being Hollywood people of course? This being a PJ Media article, isn't Roger Simon their Hollywood go-to guy? Would be more interesting to hear his opinion. But on the rat side, this smells suspiciously like a trap. Waving red meat in front of the MAGA people to get them outraged about it, then come in with a media-megaphone hammer and use whatever pre-packaged nuance to make them look foolish and paranoid while at the same time, somewhat as you indicate with Europeans regarding the Jews, give a wink and a nod to their own side. So long as they own the media and academic society, and thus the popular culture, they own any ambiguity and get to play it however they can make it feelz. Any kind of consistency is completely unnecessary. That is the rat that I smell.


I admire Sister Rose Marie.


Well, per my comments above, Ace flushed out, expanded, and more elegantly stated what I was trying to say...



So I just do not expect some kind of propaganda piece in which The Deplorables are actually the virtuous good guys.

They just wouldn't do that. They wouldn't stack the deck like that, and surely not on the side of conservatives.

Yep, I've had that suspicion since I first read about the movie and the trailer hinted that the country bumpkins would be the "good guys". That's just not how mainstream Hollywood works these days.

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