Friday Ephemera
Her Big Fearless Self

Your Host’s Idea Of Hell (4)

So, anyway, in the nightmare, I’m trapped at the Atlanta National Convention of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is currently underway, and where the gathered superior beings keep triggering each other. Most notably, bottom right: 

To recap: Mr Sensory Overload declares his pronouns and brings up “a point of privilege” – about how distressed and triggered he is by hearing whispering in the auditorium – and such is his distress, he uses the verboten word “guys.” This immediately triggers the Big Ungendered Flamingo Being, who, also clearly distraught, denounces the use of gendered language as itself privileged and oppressive. Given how one person’s complaint about being triggered instantly triggers another person to complain about being triggered by the previous person’s complaint, you can imagine the rip-roaring pace at which decisions are likely to be made. I suspect the toppling of capitalism may take longer than expected. 


Mr Sensory Overload, pronouns he and him, is still unhappy.

Update 2

God help us, there’s more.

Main video via Andy Ngo. Previous nightmare scenarios can be found here, here and here.