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And They Call It Equity

In the world of the woke, where all shoes are clown shoes, a little pushback

A teacher in Minnesota who had complained about racial quotas in school discipline has been awarded over half a million dollars in a settlement. Aaron Benner, who’s black, alleged retaliation by the St Paul Public Schools in the form of four “personnel investigations” following his criticism of discipline policies… Benner said, “We are crippling black students with racial equity plans that do a disservice. We should not be telling minority students they will not be disciplined the same as other students when their behaviour is unacceptable and sometimes even violent.”

Those ‘progressive’ discipline quotas - essentially, a racial ‘free hits’ policy - have of course been mentioned here before, along with their predictable and horrifying consequences.

As I noted at the time,

What’s remarkable here isn’t that young thugs and budding sociopaths will quickly exploit immunity from punishment based solely on their race, but the fact that grown adults, supposed professionals, many of whom will be parents, either didn’t see this coming or realised what would happen and went ahead anyway, thereby screwing everyone else.

Such that seven different experiments, in seven different cities, resulted in seven dramatic surges in classroom violence, up to and including actual riots. While white teachers who found themselves being punched in the face, resulting in trips to hospital and permanent injury, were subsequently lectured on their “unconscious biases” and “white privilege,” and told to take comfort in free emergency whistles.

This, then, is “racial equity,” according to our betters. See how it shines.

Update, via the comments:

Here’s one of the brains behind the policy in question. Watch as she attempts to explain how teachers – including, presumably, those being bullied and assaulted - should adapt and embrace the “diversity” of this “new learning environment.” Parents who find that their children are stuck sitting next to violent morons – violent morons now exempt from normal consequences – will doubtless recognise the situation as, and I quote, “a great opportunity.”

As Thomas Sowell once put it,

The greatest dangers to the liberal vision are facts about the consequences of liberalism itself and the laws, policies, and ways of life that the left has spawned… The vision of the left, full of envy and resentment, takes its worst toll on those at the bottom — whether black or white — who find in that paranoid vision an excuse for counterproductive and ultimately self-destructive attitudes and behaviour.

Which reminded me of Cal State educator and self-styled “truth-teller” Professor Melina Abdullah, who insisted that calling the police is a racist and privileged act if the criminal in question happens to be black. Whereas, being granted a license to commit crime with impunity and no fear of police involvement, on account of being black, is in no way racist or a sign of privilege. Apparently, those so indulged will flourish into responsible citizens. Another example that comes to mind is when Salon’s Scott Eric Kaufman told his readers, emphatically, that young black males “shouldn’t have to” comply with lawful instructions from the police. Mr Kaufman, who is white, dismissed any cooperation with the police as being “servile,” presumably on grounds that being combative and physical will improve the situation no end.

And let’s not forget Harvard-educated sociology professor Crystal Fleming, who championed the looting of fashionable trainers while the looters’ law-abiding neighbours were distracted by an oncoming hurricane.

Among the woke, for whom a kind of moral dementedness is a badge of status, such perverse and potentially life-ruining advice is commonplace, practically a default. And so again, an old question - if you wanted to degrade the life-chances of minorities, or anyone sufficiently credulous, what would you do differently?