For The Children, You Say
Sweet Fanny Adams

Friday Ephemera

Branding decision of note. (h/t, Damian) || They do this better than you do. (h/t, Dicentra) || Baby barn owl hears thunder. || Bus terminal rotation. || Abductees. || Objects in ice. || Mobile phone sales, animated. || Flat-lay inventories of emergency vehicles. || Nommy-nommy-nom. || A drone, some cheesy music and a roller-coaster. || Today’s words are impulse control issues. || Walking in the rain. || “A camera took images of a corpse every 30 minutes. The corpse showed signs of movement.” || Sanitation worker’s museum of trash. || Toilet-mirror note of note. || Heh. || Also heh. || At last, herbal tea on a lollypop stick. || And finally, when your headline includes the words “massive semen explosion.”