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Titans Walk Among Us

Fearless masked heroes harass and berate the elderly and disabled.

For “social justice,” no doubt.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” shrieks the masked young woman, flanked by her masked comrades for intimidation purposes, and while jabbing her finger in the face of a random man and preventing his elderly, disabled mother from crossing the road.

Update, via the comments:

A longer video of the scene, featuring more of our bandana-wearing bedlamite, can be found here

It must be strange to inhabit a social circle in which gratuitously harassing the elderly and disabled, and putting them in some fear for their safety, is regarded as a credential and proof of righteousness. To believe that such behaviour makes you look good and will earn you in-group status. It’s a pretty good measure of just how perverse, and morally demented, the Antifa mindset is.

It reminded me of a telling incident at a conservative convention during the Occupy fad of 2011, in which a mob of Occupiers, largely middle-class Clown Quarter students, amused themselves by trapping a random disabled woman – in a wheelchair and with an assistance dog – jeering at her predicament and telling her, “This is what democracy looks like.” Because nothing screams radical piety like preventing a disabled woman from getting home. And then assaulting her, while trying to steal her assistance dog. Sadly, video of the incident – complete with grinning faces – seems to have been purged from YouTube.

Update 2:

In the comments, [+] notes the brandishing of a “Resist Hate” placard and quips, “Lefties project.”

Well, yes. For some, it’s like breathing.

Thing is, I don’t think of Antifa as a political entity, as such, at least not primarily. I don’t think that’s what ultimately drives them. Yes, its adherents share a self-flattering, rather paranoid ideology, one that’s propagated and encouraged in academia’s Clown Quarter. But I think the political theatrics are basically a fig leaf, a pretext for indulging sociopathic urges. Hence the lack of even rudimentary discrimination when it comes to targets – for instance, calling little old disabled ladies “Nazi scum.” To a very large degree, these are just resentful misfits who enjoy abusing other people, frightening them, while exulting in mob power. The ludicrous political noises are merely a vehicle, a convenient excuse.

As I’ve said before, if it were found that a remarkable percentage of these people had Cluster B personality disorders, way above the average, I would not be at all surprised.

Update 3, via Mr Muldoon in the comments: 

The gentleman being harassed in the video, Don Henderson, responds to being called “Nazi scum.” Needless to say, ironies abound.

Update 4:

According to Antifa and their boosters, Mohawk College “should be ashamed” for hosting a free speech event at which non-leftist people were allowed to speak and other non-leftist people were allowed to hear them and ask questions. We’re also informed that the elderly lady, the one having difficulty walking, “chose to wade through the centre of the protest.”

Yes, she waded into those poor masked protestors, doubtless itching for a rumble.