Don’t Oppress My People With Your Comprehensible Sentences
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Friday Ephemera

Announcement of note. || A question for art enthusiasts. (h/t, Dicentra) || There’s treasure in the attic. || Rodent motorist. || Emergency bread. (h/t, Damian) || Bit late now, love. || Brain-eating amoebas. || Hallowe’en eye pies. || Progressive fashion choice. || Feminist intellectual. || That little face. || Pelican visits fish-and-chip shop. || Enhance your phone fondling with artificial skin. || “Please refrain from gendering us.” || Social gaffe. || The glow of greenhouses. || The thrill of musical theatre. (h/t, Damian) || Compressing metal. || At last, an autonomous robotic pooper scooper. || I suspect trickery. (h/t, Dicentra) || Night landing. || And finally, comfortingly, something to think about before you go to sleep.