Friday Ephemera
You Can’t Fault The Adhesive

How Dare You Defend Yourselves

In the comments, WTP steers us to this crime news item, in which a 23-year-old man, described as “known to police,” attempted a spot of armed robbery at a Dollar General store before being shot and killed by a store employee. Being schooled in modern manners, the family of said man are terribly indignant:

They’re furious about how it happened.

Yes, well. I suspect the staff and customers being menaced at gunpoint weren’t too thrilled to find themselves being preyed upon, for the fourth time this year, by armed criminal vermin. Though I suppose it’s easier on the ego if you can pretend that the problem is that people may defend themselves when your degenerate brother, with a history of involvement in criminal activity, threatens their lives while trying to rob them.

If only these creatures were capable of shame.

We’ve been here before, of course.