Friday Ephemera
Don’t Oppress My People With Your Comprehensible Sentences

Preening Interruptus

Or, Call It A Counter-Protest.

Lifted from the comments and further to recent rumblings, a safe space is violated.

“What is wrong with you?” they ask. 

Says Joan,

We’re going to see a lot more of this. Good.

It seems to me that these ladies actually got off lightly. If you choose to block the roads, determined to needlessly frustrate hundreds, even thousands, of people, just so you can indulge in some in-group preening, while ordering drivers to walk, then you should expect some physical push-back from the people on whose freedoms and imperatives you’ve chosen to piss. Because, hey, sabotaging attempts to get to jobs, airports and doctor’s appointments, while impeding emergency vehicles and thereby endangering lives, is such a lark, baby.

Acts of planned and gratuitous aggression, including narcissistic aggression – which is what these ‘protests’ are - should be treated accordingly. It’s important that these cossetted pinheads, so gorged on their own sense of entitlement, learn to fear those on whom they recreationally impose themselves. Their expectations of impunity should be shattered. Along with the conceit that the way to make people sympathetic with your cause, whatever it may be this week, is to screw them over - because you can - while applauding yourself for doing so.


Despite the pretence of martyrdom and claims by the participants that they “do not enjoy” exerting power over random passers-by - or would-be passers-by - it seems quite obvious that personal gratification is by no means incidental. These disruptions and obstructions – forcibly immobilising large numbers of people - are very much recreational, a rush of ego, as bullying often is. Now imagine being so privileged, so removed from normal concerns, that being arrested is a form of recreation, a leisure activity, a way to impress your peer group and accrue status.

If your go-to solution, your preferred mode of expression, is to frustrate and harass random people who are just trying to get to work, or to get home – and you do this while feeling enormously self-satisfied about your own imagined radicalism – then this tells us very little about the world or any purported cause. It does, however, tell us quite a bit about what kind of tosser you are.

But then, Extinction Rebellion is a kind of moral sludge made of the credulous and incoherent, the tediously pretentious, assorted slackers, and a core of Marxoid fanatics, whose stated ambitions include the toppling of European civilisation, which they denounce as uniquely “toxic” and the cause of all conceivable ills. Or at least the cause of the voices that won’t stop buzzing in their heads. These are broken, ludicrous people and should not be taken seriously, except perhaps as an expression of malign psychodrama, and a self-declared threat.