May Contain Traces Of Irony
Friday Ephemera


Paul Carlton

My biggest dating disaster?

I once went out with Laurie Penny when all I wanted was a run-of-the-mill paranoid delusionist.

Flesh and blood can only endure so much.


Half jewish?

Do they have a two skin?


Mu: ah yes, I do remember reading that review now. Good find. I note that one affectation Valenti shares with many of her generation of pop feminists is a fixation on online abuse she receives. Perhaps understandable; anyone of a certain level of fame will attract the attention and commentary of the lowest of the low, the mentally ill and deranged and violent. Even so, devoting them extra attention would seem to be very much a self-defeating exercise. Derangement, in these circumstances, can be contagious....

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Nostadumass weighs in.


Farnsworth: Did you mean Nostradumbass? :-)

I liked the moronic "Once we are all extinct we will look back and recognize that the Extinction Rebellion nutters were right." Do these people ever actually think, or do they only emote and parrot slogans?


I like this comment:

One of the best ways to trigger the right into steaming red-faced anger and abuse is to publically protest against death and destruction

What? Like protest against socialism? Naw bro. I'm good with that kind of protest.


For instance, I’ve been watching The Blacklist

Watching James Spader stride around is seeing the realisation of his years working with Shatner - he always seems as though he is having a decent time, and has a certain quality to his performance. Most of the rest of the cast can be hit or miss, and the plotline ate the shark after it jumped it, but Red Reddington continues to be compelling.


Altered Carbon. Great show, and 100% relevant to this post.


"Altered Carbon. Great show, and 100% relevant to this post."

I second this wholeheartedly. Although the book by Richard Morgan is even better than the show, and it may improve your viewing experience if you read it first.


Altered Carbon provoked an interesting example of kneejerk rote SJWism. The lead character was an Asian who 'died', the point being can you download your consciousness to another (in this case non asian) body. Which the Asian did. Leading to fauxrage that the main character wasn't played by an Asian...


Altered Carbon. Excellent show. 100% relevant to this post.

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