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October 06, 2019


Farnsworth M Muldoon

All I am saying is, don't necessarily put down gnawing on a tree bark a priori.

Nobody did, many western wypipo medicines have been derived from plants (e.g. atropine from belladonna, willow>salicylates>aspirin, etc).

What is being said is don't pimp gnawing on a tree in lieu of chloroquine, mefloquine, primaquine*, Malarone, or artemisinins, all of which are superior for treatment and/or prevention, and the latter of which was all the trendy rage because they were developed around the 1970s starting from a traditional Chinese herb (traditional Eastern herb has to be better, of course, which brings us full circle to Disruptive Indigenous Healers™).

*(Western wypipo medicine development, the only one that zaps the life cycle form that hides in liver cells and causes the true relapsing forms - vivax malaria and ovale malaria)

Mr. Saturn

Sounds like somebody desperately wants her own Cherokee Hair Tampons.

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