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It Was Monday And So There Was Psychodrama



In other anthropological news, the demographics of racial disdain.


How to Pass the Time on Public Transport.




Heh. Interesting theory.


I can't believe how long they kept it up. Did they ever get off the bus?


Did they ever get off the bus?

I did briefly wonder if it was a performance art piece.


From the Reddit thread, a philosophical take:

If you think about it, despite themselves, they actually ended up with a reasonable compromise: the window was open half the time.

I do love a happy ending.

Charlie Suet

Worth a look, if you haven’t seen it before. Useful scientific rejoinder to the likes of tinfoil Carol and her American exemplars.


Useful scientific rejoinder

Yes. I suspect some of this hyperventilating about advertising and such, and I'm taking this back decades to the days of fears of subliminal messages in movies (like single frames of "buy CocaCola" or whatever) isn't itself a distraction from the real indoctrination of The Narrative in movies, news media, history books, etc. I used to joke that conspiracy theories are created by the government to discredit anyone who might stumble on to the real conspiracy. I'm not laughing anymore.


Those two are married. Change my mind.


Those two are married.



Hate facts!


Hate facts!

Curious if these media clowns understand the implications of the game that they have played. By discrediting, and especially suppressing, factual information, relativisticly non-factual fake news is given more credence. The vacuum must be filled somehow. In totalitarian regimes this is addressed by secret police and violence and such. Once extra-judicial elements like that get rolling, they don't much care who they destroy, "legitimate" targets or those convenient targets of opportunity much lower in the power structure hierarchy. Same applies to their allies in academia.


Somewhat related to what I just posted, PJ Media has a story about a retired police officer wearing a t-shirt identifying him as such being refused entry to Orlando Universal Studios:

This happened on Nov. 1. So I did a Google News search for Nov. 1 - Nov. 4 of "retired police officer" orlando universal studios. Bumpkis. Expanding the search through Nov. 11, on the second search page I do see ONE news story (dated Nov. 5) from the local Fox station. Fake racism, fake rape, fake sexism gets the full bullhorn and 24x7 national coverage. Stories like this? Barely even a 'local news story'


And in other news.


With the holidays approaching, some of you may wish to browse the Guardian’s Christmas gift guide, which includes this spectacularly attractive and suitably gender-ambiguous bookmark. It’s as lovely on the back as it is on the front.

They also recommend “Eco Warrior Sensitive Facial Bars” for eco-warriors who wash; a toxin-free yoga mat; and the collected thoughts of Greta Thunberg, “everyone’s favourite activist.”

And for right-thinking youngsters, options include an environmentally-friendly teething toy shaped as a piece of kale. (“Get them hooked young,” we’re told.) If that doesn’t entice, you could also wow the kiddies with some “Brexit vegetable-growing survival kits.”

Because every child pesters for a bag of seeds for Christmas.


Hate facts!

As Prager is wont to say "Truth isn't a Leftwing Value." Even jobs are lost for being inconveniently correct in public.


“Because I’m a dog, I can’t make change.”

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