It’s Petty When It Happens To Someone Else
Their Hypersonic Sled Is Faster Than Yours

Friday Ephemera

Back yard scenes. (h/t, Holborn) || Synchronised boobies. || Hey, baby. || Being proud, they filmed it. || “Grandma always wanted a pig.” || Twitter indignation. || Twitter done well. || Dental nerves. || He does this better than you do. || Documentary idea of note. (h/t, Damian) || Unmix your music. Not there, but not bad. || Always respect the media. || Teachable moment. || Teachable moment 2. || The longest sight-line? || Unexpectedly. || New shoes, I see. || On Soviet cannibalism. || “I heard about McDonald’s never decaying so I wanted to find out whether this was true.” || Underclass scenes. || Everything wrong with The Shining. || And finally, if you laugh at this, you’re a terrible, terrible person.