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Back yard scenes. (h/t, Holborn) || Synchronised boobies. || Hey, baby. || Being proud, they filmed it. || “Grandma always wanted a pig.” || Twitter indignation. || Twitter done well. || Dental nerves. || He does this better than you do. || Documentary idea of note. (h/t, Damian) || Unmix your music. Not there, but not bad. || Always respect the media. || Teachable moment. || Teachable moment 2. || The longest sight-line? || Unexpectedly. || New shoes, I see. || On Soviet cannibalism. || “I heard about McDonald’s never decaying so I wanted to find out whether this was true.” || Underclass scenes. || Everything wrong with The Shining. || And finally, if you laugh at this, you’re a terrible, terrible person.



” As a child of the 80s/teen of the 90s I recall by high school my (male) friends and I seeing the changes that were being made to playgrounds we grew up on and all thinking no good would come of it. ”


When I got into school they had just banned marbles. I’m told now schools will institute these bans because the craze du jour - marbles, swap cards, conkers- will at some point lead to fights. You know, ‘wah wah, he stole my marbles’. Teachers ban it mostly because it’s easy for them.

But banning *tag*! (We called it ‘Chasey’). It’s hard to think of a more innocent game. And with kids, well.... rushing around is kinda their natural state....


I’m guessing cootie shots are definitely a thing of the past. Pity.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

I’m guessing cootie shots are definitely a thing of the past.

No doubt, but now they'd have the SWAT team out to take down players of mumblety-peg and other pocket knife games we used to play at recess, and grief counselors out for anyone who accidentally saw them playing.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Fine dining, only $55 a head.


MIScasting I said, I did 

Right you did, you caught me -- the paste feature wasn't working on this thingy so I hand-copied the quote. Then in preview I saw Spelchek, that dope, had changed it to "podcast" -- I'm not making this up! I scrubbed it out without re-reading the original, hence MISquoting.


I recently saw Denis Quaid playing the bad guy in Season 3 of "Goliath" and thought he was pretty good. I didn't even recognise him, just surprised by his name in the credits.

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