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From the Land of Let’s All Talk About My Feelings, behold our betters at large

You don’t know me…” “YOU’RE WHITE!”

Update, via the comments:

And in case you were wondering,

A total of five campus police were eventually called to the scene, and the conservative students were ultimately escorted off campus flanked by the officers for their own protection… University police said they are not planning on taking any actions against the [leftist] students in the video.

The lesson, it seems, is this. When you’re insufficiently leftwing and are advertising a lecture by the economist Arthur Laffer, and offering passers-by free hot chocolate, you should expect to be harassed and physically threatened by a mob of students, who indulge in a kind of practised hysteria, and who then vandalise your property, steal your personal belongings, and scream racial and sexual profanities in your face. Until you – not they – are escorted off campus.

In a saner world, people indulging in such behaviour would within days find themselves expelled, with their belongings dumped on the roadside, and their parents sent video of the exchange, along with a letter including the words unfit for university and no refund.

Instead, however, as we’ve seen, activist faculty and administrators are willing to disregard their own official codes of behaviour, which generally forbid coercive disruption and physical intimidation. To say nothing of theft and screamed racial epithets. And so, we get the scenes above, which are hardly uncommon, and statements like this one, aired in the video around 1:57:

The fact that y’all are comfortable to even do this means that we’re not doing enough.

To paraphrase - the fact that non-leftist students still feel able to visibly exist is something that will have to change, apparently. It’s a telling statement, I think. One that suggests both an expectation of impunity and worse to come.

Update 2, via WTP:

On that expectation of impunity:

There were also protesters who acted in a manner that may have violated University rules. In the context of the incident and in keeping with the principles and values noted above, the University did not seek to identify or charge any protesters. To do so would have escalated an already volatile situation and run counter to the primary interest in safely de-escalating the situation.

So says Mr Brian Rose, the university’s Vice President of Student Affairs, while blaming the conservative students, the ones being menaced, for being “provocative.” Readers may wish to ponder whether such mental contortions, which sound an awful lot like cowardice, are, in effect, a license for more of the same. More of that volatility.

Update 3:

Suitably emboldened and seemingly free of consequences, the ‘protestors’ continued their narcissistic psychodrama by disrupting the advertised lecture. The invited speaker, economist Arthur Laffer, was of course prevented from speaking, at all, with police soon escorting him from the building. “For his own protection.”

Behold, once again, the left’s would-be intellectuals

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