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December 10, 2019



Also, this:

Social justice education directly contributes to the skyrocketing cost of tuition… Once social justice advocates capture university bureaucracies and administrations, they divert student tuition to pay the salaries of more and more fellow social justice advocates. Offices such as First-Year Experience, Community Engagement, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Sustainability, and Equity and Inclusion have larded higher education with hundreds of thousands of jobs. Students, parents, and taxpayers pay exorbitant tuition fees to fund social justice patronage.

And Heather Mac Donald on the same.


I think of it as a way for pasty university affiliated geezers to separate the impressionable from their undergarments.


Viewed with a cool eye, it’s something close to the opposite of justice.

I would say that by definition it is the opposite of justice. Justice is the codified set of legal rules and regulations we follow. Social "Justice" by its nature is arbitrary and capricious. If it was regulated and systematized then it would just be called "justice".


Social “Justice” by its nature is arbitrary and capricious.

And opportunistic. It’s catnip for self-dramatising narcissists who like to play dominance games.


Fair to say it would be less easy to take advantage if everyone knew the rules.


Fair to say it would be less easy to take advantage if everyone knew the rules.

As noted previously, “social justice” posturing - wokeness - is competitive and has a ratcheting dynamic - the rules have to keep changing. The goal posts keep moving in order to maintain the drama. And so the pretence entails ever greater contrivance, ever more rarefied and improbable forms of oppression. New sins to catch people out with and thereby assert status or some attempt to cow and dominate.


Social justice is the very same bigotry it pretends not to be. It's a projection, no surprise there. And when it comes from certain people on the right, it's often an over compensation for past sins. And personally quite amusing to see in people I've known for nearly half a century. So at least there's that.


anti-social, unjust.


Social justice is neither.


It is literally the idea that, in the hands of the Justified, two wrongs *do* make a right.



Daniel Ream

To reiterate the observation of a friend of mine when discussing marketing, "any adjective means 'not'."


When I was at college "Social Justice" meant John Rawls but of course we got Robert Nozick on the book list too, even if he was barely mentioned.

As such I think Social Justice lends itself to identity politics but they are not one and the same.

I think the latter is best expressed as the reversal of MLK's injunction viz "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the content of their character but by the color of their skin." That reversal could apply equally to today's SJW or the KKK.

The former boils down to a ethical standard.


This being the time of year for giving and such, here's some social justice submitted for your consideration. I'll spare you the usual bash the rich for their charitable giving preamble ramble (though please do RTWT...if you have the stomach for it) and cut right to the chase:

Naturally one could advance the usually counter that those who get charity are somehow defective, such as lazy and unwilling to find good jobs. But this is counter to the actual facts: people need charity because we have created and tolerate a system that takes so much from so many that some must hope that those who hold the wealth will deign to share a little bit.

Steve E

The goal posts keep moving in order to maintain the drama.

Social Justice has no end objective. It is a perpetual 2 Minute Hate Ritual. It eats everything that comes in its path including itself.

Fred the Fourth

I was first exposed to "Social Justice" back in about 1990. First, a modest size natural-gas-fired electric power plant was proposed for the south Santa Clara county area. (The borderland between the south of Silicon Valley, and the agricultural / rural areas farther south.) The argument was made that the plant would benefit the wealthier areas to the north, but impose siting and pollution costs on the poorer areas to the south (Arguably true, since the prevailing winds are north to south.) Opposition was framed around the term "social injustice".

Second, low-cost housing developments proposed for the China Basin area of San Francisco (the east / south side of the SF peninsula). The issue there was that it was a derelict WW2 shipyard area, hence supposedly contaminated with industrial wastes. It was "unjust" to expect the poor to live in such a hazardous area, merely because they were poor.

Both of these arguments made a certain amount of sense, especially in the case of the power plant, where the burdens and benefits were clearly separated. I thought the term "social injustice" was suitable. However, like "affirmative action", "social justice" proved to be a convenient catch-all over the next several decades. I think it's a general characteristic of political movements: to attach themselves to an arguable good, and then take over for other purposes. We certainly see this in the case of the climate change disputes. Various political persons have even stated publicly that the "movement" is more about socialist politics than it is about environmental security.

Back in 2015, the satirical blogger Dave Burge wrote about this process:

1. Identify a respected institution.
2. kill it.
3. gut it.
4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.


Somewhat related:

The social-justice diversity bureaucracy has constructed a perpetual-motion machine that guarantees it eternal life. Minority students who have been catapulted by racial preferences into schools for which they are not academically prepared frequently struggle in their classes. The cause of those struggles, according to the social-justice diversity bureaucracy, is not academic mismatch; it is the lack of a critical mass of other minority students and faculty to provide refuge from the school’s overwhelming bigotry. And so, the school admits more minority students to create such a critical mass.

Rather than raising minority performance, however, this new influx of diverse students lowers it, since the school has had to dig deeper into the applicant pool. The academic struggles and alienation of minority students will increase, along with the demand for more diversity bureaucrats, more segregated safe spaces, more victimology courses, more mental health workers, more diverse faculty, more lowered standards, and of course, more diversity student admits. And the cycle will start all over again.

Heather Mac Donald, here.


It's much easier to understand if you clarify the meaning of the second word:

Social Justice Vengeance

Governor Squid

Rather than raising minority performance, however, this new influx of diverse students lowers it, since the school has had to dig deeper into the applicant pool.

This hints at how the train went off the tracks in the first place. Early on, the students brought on board to fill the school's racial quota were pretty good students by any colourblind measure. (Left unspoken is that these students were mostly the product of bourgeois two-parent households, who were likely to succeed with or without special treatment.)

Since the first affirmative-action students were pretty successful, it only follows that expanding the effort will be even more successful! Perfectly obvious conclusion, if you're a university bureaucrat incapable of understanding any system beyond the most superficial level. Thus did the snowball start its descent down the mountainside.

Edward Teach

Funny you should say "creep". I've seen a great many social justice warriors over the years and they're pretty much all creeps.


Gov Squid, let us not forget that to make snowballs one needs plenty of snow a/k/a federally guaranteed student loans. The ascent of Social Justice can be directly tied to the changes made by Obama to the student loan industry.

All of this craziness is guaranteed by the tax payers and the staggering amount of money flowing into the coffers of universities.

The spigot must be turned off for any real change to occur.


Oh my goodness! SJW's actually held responsible!



I’ve seen a great many social justice warriors over the years and they’re pretty much all creeps.

As an ideology, it does seem to attract a high concentration of spiteful and obnoxious individuals, to say nothing of thugs, bedlamites, the hopelessly neurotic, and people with what appear to be quite serious personality disorders.

More than chance alone would seem to allow.


SJW's actually held responsible!

5 hours of community service. Ooh, that'll hurt. Is not climate activism a form of community service? Time served!

The clown 'quarter' of academia has pretty much taken over our justice system insofar as anything that the left cares about (at the moment) is concerned. Isn't it rich?

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Oh my goodness!

Yale, an "elite" school, just ask 'em.

Governor Squid

The general public created a professional law enforcement complex because mob justice is crude, violent, and often misdirected. Once again, the professional law enforcement complex is trying its damnedest to convince the general public that this was a stupid idea, and that we should go back to the old ways as quickly as we can.

Not sure why they're working so hard to put themselves out of a job, but there you have it.


"And judging a person and their actions based on which Designated Victim Group they supposedly belong to and then assigning various exemptions and indulgences depending on that notional group identity and whatever presumptuous baggage can be attached to it, with varying degrees of perversity. And conversely, assigning imaginary sins and “privilege” to someone else based on whatever Designated Oppressor Group they can be said to belong to, however fatuously, and regardless of the particulars of the actual person."

It is just an expansion of Marxist classes. Oppressors and Victims, Exploiters and exploited.


In much the same way, “diversity” seems to be the belief that the less we have in common, and feel we have in common, the happier we will be. An unobvious proposition, to say the least.



Social justice is the very same bigotry it pretends not to be. It’s a projection

Well, it’s not obvious how gleefully humiliating random white students, harassing them, obstructing them and making them walk through mud - for instance - could foster warm feelings. And “social justice” theatrics do seem to appeal to people with quite spiteful inclinations, and who want you to believe that they’re much more pious and benevolent than they evidently are.

As noted previously,

It’s interesting just how often “social justice” posturing entails something that looks an awful lot like spite or petty malice, or an attempt to harass and dominate, or some other obnoxious behaviour. Behaviour that, without a “social justice” pretext, might get you called a wanker or a bitch.

A coincidence, I’m sure.


Much like "politically correct" and "hate crime", the unironic use of "social justice" should have set off the Orwellian alarm bells decades ago but were met with mostly a shrug and 'ok'. They're not smart enough for subterfuge but we're not tenacious enough to resist them.


'Social justice' is a toxic brew of vanity, conceit, & condescension sufficient to make a Waldensian recoil.

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