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December 13, 2019



Recommend by Ace, excerpt from Ace.

A leftist politician no longer has to explain why socialism has never worked anywhere else, and how exactly it will work here. That's a tough sell. All he/she has to do is convince voters that Republicans are evil capitalists who want to get rich by destroying the world, like a James Bond villain. And then convince those voters that global catastrophe is certain unless they vote for the leftist, who cares for the environment. Skip the details, just paint the picture.
At that point, no actions, no matter how drastic or ruthless, are off the table. Confronting and shaming people in public. Chasing the families of suspected conservatives out of restaurants. Scaring the families of prominent conservatives. Arresting elderly nobodies like Roger Stone in SWAT raids in the middle of the night, with CNN along to broadcast it worldwide. It seems vicious, but hey, we're trying to save the world here, so it's ok. Really. Are you with us, or against us? Are you evil, or nice?

These people are dangerous.

So when I hear Nancy Pelosi say, "Civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election, and certainly, our planet," I don't laugh. When I hear Greta Thunberg say, "For way too long, the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis, but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer," I don't just roll my eyes. When I hear AOC say, "There's no debate as to whether we should continue producing fossil fuels. There's no debate," I don't wonder what she's been smoking.

These people are dangerous. They make ruthlessness seem reasonable.



Unexpected Penis Fish.

Band name.


Am I grouping or is it possible that Labour attempted to use dating apps to get London based millennials to vote for them? Seems like a waste of money if so.

A tactic which has quite been noticed.


Eleanor Penny, Laurie’s sister, seems to believe - and very much want to believe - that a fairly soft conservative government will immediately result in nightly racial purges and parents eating their children.

I can’t help suspecting that the erupting tearfulness is the result of effort and contrivance. A performance of sorts.

A 2019 reaction to a 2019 Conservative win over the left, and right, pretty much summed up all the way back in 1978, 1979 . . .


...a fairly soft conservative government will immediately result in nightly racial purges..

Just as those regressive-rightists and their allies made Malmo unsafe for Jews, or Detroit unsafe for anything.

...and parents eating their children.

Or filthy capitalists that they all are, selling other people’s children for parts to turn a profit.

Crazy Eddie

Imagine my confusion, as a New Jerseyan:


Chester Draws

a fairly soft conservative government

I live in New Zealand, led by the Left's darling, Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda is to the right of Boris and the Conservatives. They can actually run a budget surplus, for a start. Their stances on immigration aren't noticeably different. Jacinda even had to face a teacher strike because she refused to grant a large enough settlement (teachers in NZ are largely Labour supporters, and they were wild that their darling didn't just roll over and give them everything they wanted).

I don't think Boris will lead a "fairly soft" government at all. I think it will be squishy soft all they way through. But I'm pretty sure it will deliver Brexit.

Sam Duncan


Case in point. The first ever source to be officially “deprecated” on Wikipedia wasn't Stormfront (which still isn't), or the North Korean news agency (ditto). It was the Daily Mail. And it's the only one to have the decision upheld after a second Request for Comments.

Of the 18 deprecated sources listed on this page which aren't apolitical (IMDB and Last.fm, for example), only two are unequivocally Left-leaning. Three are mass-circulation British newspapers.

The danger of this is that while anyone with half an eye on the culture war can see that this says more about the highly-skewed worldview of activist Wikipedia editors than the newspapers concerned, many people would read the very same words I've written above and conclude that there must be something genuinely suspect about these papers to put them on the same footing as Venezuelan state TV or the Facebook page of a couple of Occupy protesters. The Left knows this. It's the whole idea: take relatively inoffensive resistance to Leftism and get it accepted officially, and then in the public mind, as utterly beyond the pale. (See also the false equivalence made between scepticism of the CO2 climate change hypothesis and holocaust denial.)

I don't think Boris will lead a 'fairly soft' government at all. I think it will be squishy soft all they way through. But I'm pretty sure it will deliver Brexit.

Pretty much. But it won't stop the Leftist media from calling it ”brutal”, “hard-right”, and (worst of all) “Thatcherite”. That's the game now.

Chester Draws

The British Left still haven't got over Thatcher. Except when she disappears as an example of misogyny distinctly not in action or how women in power would lead to a kinder, gentler politics.

But Thatcher's rise to power, and repeated re-election, was as a response to precisely the policies that Corbyn and Momentum have proposed. The way to avoid Thatcher #2 is to avoid the mistakes of previous Labour governments and not try to revive Socialism. Of course the Blair Labour government that was popular, and re-elected, is utterly despised by the hard left because it wasn't Socialist.

I'm pretty convinced that the British hard Left don't want to be elected. They want to rail about "fascism" and "austerity" and "racism" -- and they don't get to do that if a popular Labour government is in power.

Boatswain's Mate

OK, for my lads and birds a short swim and a few icebergs away (who should be asleep now): Who the fuck is this Lily Allen twat, and why should anyone care a) about her thoughts on politics/the 2019GE, and b) that she deleted her Sub-woofer ... er, um ... Twitter account after Labour got thwacked?

All I know of her is that she cries ... apparently a lot.

Of course, the only time I've heard of her is from Paul Joseph Watson. Also see here.


Morning, all.



What could possibly go wrong? || “You can’t have Christmas without Star Trek, right?”

Consider a large Indian movie studio, heavy on the musicals, dance sequences, and all that. Consider a decision to stage a series of Christmas season evening events to tell of The Indian Studio Making of This, and the Indian Studio Doing of That, and The Indian Studio getting done This Way, particularly Doing That Way, multiple marketing events, all and each different event telling The Way of The Studio Doing.

Naturally, the resulting entertainment news headline will read:

Deck The Balls With Hows Of Bolly



Also via Old Holborn: It's Maggie!

Sam Duncan



Well, Laurie, when a country and a party hate each other very, very much...


Well, Laurie, when a country and a party hate each other very, very much...


[ Slides bowl of grey and oddly clammy peanuts along bar. ]

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