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Friday Ephemera

Oh, well played. || Wise words. || Upscale puppy puzzle. || Please hold still while your face is being scanned. || Ant-termite politics. || A guide to pre-modern birth control. From ‘pull-and-pray’ to offal and tortoise-shell condoms. || New York, in colour, 1933-1939. || Catching rays. || “Cock on a swine, friends for all time.” || Sigourney Weaver is, it turns out, quite flexible. || Safety first. || Something error happen. || 26 minutes of loafer restoration. || Real-time map of coronavirus incidents. || The rules and aggravations of time travel. || She has a system. || This just in. || Japanese sea-creature teabags of note. (h/t, Julia) || Our betters. || Our betters 2. || Bit nippy. || And finally, Hieronymus Bosch knickknacks.