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January 31, 2020



Oh the irony.

Richard Cranium
Probably the most asinine thing you will see today, [...]

You underestimated @hal.


Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a racist and an anti-Semite.
There. We said it.

It’s almost like they want a pat on the back for this. They said it! Not only that, but they said they said it!

I don’t think anyone else cares, TBH.


so much of the remain crowd’s hatred for Brexit is based on their disdain for the lower classes… I come across articles like this

Quite a lot of modern leftism - which is to say, middle-class leftism - seems to be an expression of status anxiety. Of airing the kinds of opinions that a person imagines they ought to have in order to belong to a preferred, higher-status social group. Which I suppose might explain the agitation that can arise if it becomes apparent that you don’t play the same game.

See, for instance, The Blurting.


Published in yesterday's Huffington Post UK:

    A House of Lords watchdog has been told that Jeremy Corbyn’s chief aide Karie Murphy is “completely unfit” to be nominated for a peerage, amid a raft of bullying allegations by former and current Labour staff.

    [A letter of complaint signed by "20 members of Corbyn’s office"] which was sent to general secretary Jennie Formby, complained of “a divisive and toxic culture” including the “berating” of staff in front of colleagues.

    The allegations include:

      Pushing a member of staff by the neck and pinning them against a wall;

      Reducing a junior member of staff to tears at a Christmas party after a 15-minute tirade of screaming and shouting;

      Repeatedly swearing and shouting at staff who Murphy felt had made errors or done something she didn’t like;

      Disclosing to staff that female colleagues had suffered miscarriages;

      Telling colleagues, inaccurately, that other staff had mental health problems or were alcoholics;

      Managing through “a culture of fear”, regularly moving staff to different desks to impose control on those she felt had stepped out of line;

      Telling colleagues she would “ignore” Corbyn’s instructions on the Labour Live festival.

    Murphy denies all of the allegations.


"The poor hallucinating boy needs his meds adjusted."

This is the guy who wears a T-shirt that says "I reject your reality and substitute my own."


Here you go, Sam. Via Ace...

New Statesman = old commie.


Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a racist and an anti-Semite.
There. We said it.

It’s almost like they want a pat on the back for this. They said it! Not only that, but they said they said it!

I don’t think anyone else cares, TBH.

HP Lovecraft's racism was always common knowledge among readers of science fiction and fantasy. Extremely few were racists but they weren't going to let Lovecraft's personal opinions stop them from reading stories they enjoyed. (The Marxist science fiction people were another matter, of course, with endless opinions about who was and was not an acceptable writer.)


particularly fragile time for the ChiCom ruling elite, and that they have and will prioritize their reputation over global health

It's safe to say that Emperor Xi and his court will prioritize 'face' and power before ANYTHING.

Sam Duncan

“Here you go, Sam.”



When the Woke attack … each other.

Sam Duncan

Oh, I wish I'd waited to comment. That's absolute gold. “[T]he smoking ruins of liberal democracy”!

“He certainly won’t make progress with non-white voters”!

“Befuddled and dazzled by his rise, [the media] didn’t scrutinize him aggressively”!

“Trump is an almost spookily perfect opponent for Hillary Clinton, throwing her strengths into relief”!

Stop! I can't breathe!

To be fair, although still wrong in his conclusion, he's less spectacularly wrong in his analysis of Brexit (I really can't argue against “The more Michael Gove is on TV, the better for Remain”), but the whole thing is hilarious.

Sam Duncan

Oh, and I used to like Adam Savage. Until a couple of minutes ago, in fact. But hey, I'm not a deranged woke bigot. I'll still watch his videos.

What's wrong with being a Calvinist, by the way? About half a million Scots would like to know. (In fact, if he said that here, I wouldn't be surprised if the coppers didn't take an interest. Spreading sectarian hatred, and all that.)


What's wrong with being a Calvinist, by the way

Well, exactly. It's not like they could do anything about it.

Lady Cutekitten

Lovecraft was so anti-semitic his wife was Jewish. As was Robert Bloch. Lovecraft told his friends nothing of his terminal cancer, and Bloch later said something to the effect that had he known Lovecraft was dying, he would have crawled on hands and knees, if necessary, to be at the bedside.


Lovecraft was so anti-semitic his wife was Jewish. As was Robert Bloch.

I didn't know that. Thanks.

Sam Duncan


I love the internet sometimes.

Daniel Ream

I don’t think anyone else cares, TBH.

Nobody does, no.

This is my particular bailiwick. You could be forgiven for thinking that Evil Hat Productions or White Wolf are Major Players in the Industry from Vice's fawning articles. In fact they're tiny indie press publishers who give most of their work away for free (at one point White Wolf was the number 2 publisher in the field - in the 1990s. They haven't been relevant in decades and are kept alive by their parent company as a source of video game IP)

There's a publisher that is the Cthulhu tabletop RPG publisher: Chaosium Ltd, which has been around since 1980, is on the 7th edition of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, and has had several lucrative video games created based on their particular vision of the Cthulhu Mythos. Their works are completely devoid of this woke posturing.

So essentially, a bunch of wokescolds congratulating each other on their sub-10,000 unit sales counts.

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