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Friday Ephemera

I question his commitment, frankly. (h/t, Damian) || I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. || Incoming air. || Nommy nommy nom. || If we all flap together, this baby is ours. || Bubbles of hydrogen. || Bathroom door distinction of note. (h/t, Holborn) || A brief history of colour charts. || It’s how they reproduce. || Vintage pulp magazine archive. From Astounding Stories to Weird Tales. || Parachutist of note. || Popcorn. || Fair point. (h/t, Damian) || The thrill of algae. || Long shot detected. || Land of ice. || Lunatic asylum notebook of note. || Last year, summarised. || At sea, diabolical scenes. || Suboptimal delivery service. || And finally, as time-saving measures go, it was, it has to be said, a partial success.