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Remember, students. You are not an individual, but a mascot of a notional group

You are being educated.

From Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education, By Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo.

It occurs to me that when these clowns bang on about analysing events through a racial or identitarian lens, as for instance here and here, what they mean is shoehorning people through an identitarian keyhole, then pretending that the subsequent cartoonery and narrow contrivance, with its phantom evils and funhouse-mirror bigotry, is some universal profundity and proof of the speaker’s personal sophistication. The possible results of such “social justice education,” in which group affiliations, however contrived or incidental, are foregrounded and categorised, and their acknowledgement made habitual and a matter of great importance, are not hard to fathom

Update, via the comments:

Note too the implied question-begging. Students are to “practise seeing which groups are included and which are not” in meetings, classroom discussions, conversations, etc. Presumably, students are to assume, or at least strongly entertain, unearned conclusions about why person X, or group X, isn’t saying much or isn’t by default given prominence in every social interaction. Which is to say, the explanation to rush to is the person’s notional group identity. And thereby victimhood. This is, after all, the root premise of “social justice education.” Apparently, we will purge the world of bigotry by embracing wholesale the mental habits of the bigot.

And regarding the exhortation to “practise identifying patterns at the group (rather than individual) level,” an inconvenient reply is offered

Update 2

Dr DiAngelo is apparently the coiner of the question-begging term “white fragility” - by which she means objections to pernicious racial hokum and slanderous hustlers such as herself. When not raking in large fees for peddling pretentious guilt to people of pallor, Dr DiAngelo, a self-styled “consultant and trainer,” tells students that not being fixated by race is “dangerous,” and that “racism is the foundation of Western society.”