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Don’t Oppress My People With Your Norms Of Punctuality

Wokeness And Woo, Together Again

Time for another tug on the teats of super-woke theorising

White people ‘can’t dance’ because white-ness is a traumatized state that is disconnected from the body.

Set aside those thoughts of ballet, Footloose and MGM musicals. We must press on.

Colonization/Westernization has profoundly impacted the way we move our bodies. Just think about even this little fact: most non-European people didn’t wear pants before colonization, and if they did, they were not tight.

Tight pants. The obvious tool with which to oppress the Brown-And-Noble-By-Default.

We also generally didn’t sit on chairs. We squatted or sat on the ground. Many of our cultures didn’t glorify tight muscular abs.

Damn you, White Devil, conquering the world with chairs. And defined abdominals.

Our bodies ‘moved’ completely differently before colonization/Westernization. We had a much greater sense of the lower body and abdomen. 

In short, the Brown-And-Noble-By-Default “have been white-ified,” which is “trauma.” You see,

White-ness… is an energetic imbalance caused by a loss of spinal fluidity and awareness of the lower body. Emotional energy becomes concentrated in the upper body, particularly gathering in the mind. To live in a world dominated by white-ness is to live in an environment that denies and protects white-ness as embodied trauma.

If that’s insufficiently persuasive,

White-ness is traumatization itself. 

The “white body,” it turns out, is a “state of disconnection between mind and body. It is ungrounded and cannot feel the earth.” And which therefore has to be corrected, by an expert, a healer, for $200 an hour.

Such are the mental rumblings of Tada Hozumi, whose pronouns, we learn, are “them/they.” Because of course they are. 

And because you asked

I’m a genderqueer therapist of colour (Japanese) based in both Unceded Coast Salish Territories (so-called Canadian Pacific North West) and Tio’tia:ke (so-called Montreal).

Our “cultural somatic therapist” is schooled in,

the practice of consciously facilitating the co-healing of individual and cultural bodies, through the principles of trauma-informed body-centred healing.

Said being’s areas of expertise include,

‘Western’ healing modalities such as expressive arts therapy (which I am certified in), somatic therapy, and dance movement therapy.


Afro-diasporic popular dance, specifically ‘popping’.

Chair-appreciating White Devils with limited spinal fluidity are doubtless trembling in terror



In the comments, Alice notes,

They love to ‘other’ people based on race. We used to have a word for that.

Indeed. It would seem that our woke betters have merely changed the label, from racist to anti-racist, while their mental habits are much the same as those of the archetypal bigot, only less inhibited by social disapproval. Hence the overt glee in pathologising people of pallor. The ones who apparently can’t dance on account of their “energetic imbalance” and a “loss of spinal fluidity.” And so, we’re told that a “white body… cannot feel the earth.” Lacking, as it does, that Sino-Negro-Indo-Aboriginal ectoplasm.

And the overlap of wokeness and ludicrous New Age woo has been noted here many times. Whether it’s “social justice theorists” telling us that minority students shouldn’t be expected to deliver coursework promptly or pay much attention in class, being, as they are, so utterly alien, akin to leprechauns, to the woke-lings at Everyday Feminism and Wear Your Voice, who regularly enthuse about witchcraft, tree-pushing and magic sea shells, along with a thrilling array of quite serious mental health issues.

There is, I think, a pattern.


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