Our Betters Assemble

Friday Ephemera

Tinkles is a big boy. || Surprises down below. (h/t, Damian) || He does this better than you do. || Old-school bugging device. || What’s in the box? || Wobble of note. || Smart diapers detect dampness. || Critical Drinker recaps Picard. || It passes the time. || Determined soap dispenser. || Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome. || Film criticism. (h/t, Dicentra) || It’s a fixer-upper, only $495,000. (h/t, Things) || It fires toilet paper and now you want one. || Clash of the titans. || Turtle of terror. || Asteroids size comparison. || A comprehensive archive of Mark Zuckerberg’s hairstyles. || It’s all in the ankles. || He’s not sure what you are, either. || Forbidden love. || And finally, you may wince when ready.