He Doesn’t Do Twirling
Rashly, He Appealed To Their Better Nature (2)

Friday Ephemera

On the upside, I bet the acoustics are tremendous. || For readers overseas, a brief guide to the beauty of English. (h/t, Brian) || “I own big shoe company.” || Today’s word is enrichment. || She’s really showing those patriarchal oppressors. || She does this better than you do. || At last, sliced mayonnaise. || “It loves like a man.” || Mothers and sons. || More joys of public transport. || Pulling Gs. || Script Doctor recaps Picard. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. || A project for the weekend. || Ice, ice, baby. || Two football tribes, one alley. || Crush, kill, destroy. || The Chrysler Building’s art-deco eagles, 1930. || How to move around your space station, plan B. || In Indonesian sperm-related news. || And finally, three times, you say?