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Above Us, Our Betters

Speaking, as we were, of enthusiasts of crime, meet communist poet Wendy Trevino:

A super-brave warrior for a brighter tomorrow.

When I see tweets of this nature – repeated slogan, repeated slogan, repeated slogan – I tend to think the tweeter is either adolescent or unwell. Ms Trevino is supposedly a grown woman. One who appears to have a complicated relationship with her father. Sometimes the clichés are just too on-the-nose. When not advocating shoplifting and being titillated by visions of collapsing social norms, Ms Trevino, our communist poet and Antifa Gal, wants us to know how pleased she is by criminals escaping prison and taking hostages. What said prisoners may have done to be there in the first place, and what they may do again now that they’re at large, doesn’t seem to interest her.

Update, via the comments:

In the name of opposing “racism, misogyny and ableism,” Ms Trevino urges her like-minded followers to “embrace what can destroy the relationships holding all of this together.” What the “this” is isn’t entirely clear. Possibly she means capitalism, a market economy, allegedly the cause of All The Bad Things. Or social norms, like lawfulness and consequences for thieving. The assumption here seems to be that the collapse of the economy and social proprieties, including expectations of trust and reciprocity, would really be of benefit to minorities, women and disabled people.

Ms Trevino’s titillation at the thought of the current coronavirus pandemic - one that may kill some of her neighbours - sowing social unrest and toppling capitalism reminded me of the self-styled “Occupy theoretician” David Graeber, who seemed to imagine that the lumpen masses would thrill to a vanguard of middle-class poseurs “destabilising the country” with a “vision of revolution inspired by anarchism.” Because the one thing that nice Mrs Wilson down the road can’t wait for is an anarcho-communist coup, economic ruin and lots of burning cars in the street outside.

Behold woke morality. Just don’t get it on the furnishings.