Rashly, He Appealed To Their Better Nature (2)
She Feels Unclean

Friday Ephemera

Stealth mode engaged. || Egg living dangerously. || Why dogs don’t rule the… Oh. || Sorcery with cardboard. || Children’s table manners of the fifteenth century: “Pyke notte thyne errys nothyr thy nostrellys.” || A brief history of the F-word. || He does this better than you do. || They do this better than you do. || Incoming. || This just in. || Just one kiss. || Coke stash of note. || How to wash your hands. || If we all attack at once, this island is ours. || Today’s words are sociology department. || ‘Progressive’ incentives and their predictable outcomes. || “This is a car. And this is a trampoline.” || Swimming while waterproof. || Want to tell the government what you think of the BBC? || And finally, blustery scenes.