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April 06, 2020


Governor Squid

I was gifted in junior high. Went to special classes and everything!


Went to special classes and everything!

In my school, "special" was the official euphemism for "low IQ".

Zionist Overlord #73


She uses first names a lot without context and if it comes out of the blue, I think she's talking in the context of one group of people we somewhat recently talked about. Half way through the discussion and a few exasperations and I'm hit with the realization that we're talking about "Bill" down the street and not "Bill" who worked with her at the bank.

I see this a lot, as well. I think Steve E's two-conversations theory (one in the head and one outside) is a really good explanation:

"I ran the dishwasher. I just haven't unloaded it." In her head, the conversation went like this: "Why haven't you unloaded the dishwasher? I'm telling you to unload the dishwasher. I'll bet he doesn't unload the dishwasher."

She's had a whole conversation in her head about Bill down the street, and has completely forgotten that the last subject she discussed with you was work at the bank, and is quite bemused that her clever engineer husband keeps getting the Bills mixed up.

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