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Friday Ephemera

The Movnrovian nightly news. (h/t, Damian) || Wee. || Teamwork. || Foreign words of note, with approximate translations. || In a galaxy far, far away. || Aircraft at rest. || Feast inhibitors. (h/t, Joe) || Live webcams of famous places. || Assorted loops. (h/t, Things) || Land of the Rising Sound: A Roland retrospective. || Frankly, that’s a lot to unpack. || Past it’s best, I fear. || Come pet the damp puppy. || Eggdog. || I was previously unfamiliar with the concept of titty money. || Today’s words are middle school teacher. || And in try-cutting-the-carbs news. (h/t, Holborn) || Bird art is barely art, but it is made of birds. || Skillz 1. || Skillz 2. || Hot stuff. || And finally, in the garage, a lunchtime drama.