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Night Monkeys. || An alternative to fly spray. || Pipeline jam. || Explanation of note. || Neighbours of note. || The North of yore. || Inspector Gadget. || Giant squid. || The thrill of globular springtails. || Orderly bear. || Teddy bears on a roller-coaster. || Behold the 1959 Curtiss-Wright Model 2500 Air-Car. || Clearly, it’s a skill, but when am I going to use it? || Life is full of complications. || Somewhat related. (h/t, Darleen) || How to trap a python. (Chicken’s opinion not known.) || When you want to remake Alien, but you don’t have a lot of money. || Indigestible facts: “I’m getting angry. I don’t want to talk anymore.” || His folding chess set is better than yours. || And finally, Love Will Tear Us Apart (again).



Well, seems you guys were right. My question to the consulting company:

4) I don't think we've discussed who the end client is. Which for the most part would be fine for right now. But these are not normal times. This is a very awkward question for me to ask as this sort of thing has never been something in normal times we (mostly) normal people would need to concern ourselves with, so forgive me for the awkwardness....It doesn't appear to me, based on quick Google searches (for whatever that is worth anymore)...but I think it's safe to assume, and normally I wouldn't feel the need to ask, that (consulting company name here) is not a financial supporter of racist/fascist/terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter nor Antifa, but can the same be said for the client? I see a number of (mostly consumer product) corporations openly expressing financial support for such organizations so I feel I need to ask.

Thank you and sorry for the awkward question but again, these are strange times and such a question years ago was often standard on employment applications. Though back then the employer was asking if the applicant was a member of the Communist party or any organization that advocated the violent overthrow of the US and it's constitutional form of government. As you can see, I encountered it often enough that the wording stuck in my head.

The response:

(Contact recruitment rep name here) forwarded me your questions to get answers for you. Please see the below statement made by our President, ****** , in regards to question #4.

“We believe that George Floyd’s life does matter. As a way for us (consulting company name), to protest the action and inaction of four Minneapolis police officers and to support equality for the Black community we are making a contribution to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund which fights for racial justice.

We felt we couldn’t stand idly by and wanted to add our voice, through our donation, for justice and equality. We know that all of our people feel the same way. We also hope all of you are secure and continue to WFH through this period of turbulence. Our leaders will be checking in on our people who potentially could be in harm’s way.”

Based on the questions you asked and (Consulting company's name)stance as indicated above, we have decided not to move forward in representing you as a candidate.


Well done, WTP. Good call. You only get to wreck your integrity and self-respect once. Hope something great comes your way soon.


Well thanks, Trevor. But judging from their response I doubt that is likely to happen. If a company that itself doesn't support BLM, though has chosen to support a long established civil rights legal defense fund, is so disturbed by my simply asking such a question that they would drop me immediately without further discussion, well I don't see much hope out there in general.

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