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“It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap!”

Following this recent item on Robin DiAngelo and her lamentable bestseller White Fragility, some of you may have been wondering, “What kind of person is drawn to and internalises this neurotically demented horseshit?”

Well. Via Karl in the comments, here’s a possible answer, captured for posterity during a live-streamed meeting of the New York City Community Education Council on June 29 2020. In a mercifully abridged video, edited by Benjamin Boyce, and embedded below, we see “public education advocate” and gratuitous declaimer of pronouns Ms Robin Broshi using the meeting to chase away the demons nesting in her head. Demons that are also, it seems, tormenting a number of her colleagues.

It’s thirteen minutes long and quite intense. You may wish to bite down on something.

In this second video, Mr Boyce interviews the supposedly racist baby-bouncer, Mr Tom Wrocklage, and asks what it’s like to be screamed at by mad people. Mad people who wish to shape the education of other people’s children, and have the means to do it. And remember. When you’re bouncing your friend’s young nephew on your lap, you’re not being affectionate or delighting in babyness, you’re actually “exhibiting [your] power over people of colour.” And therefore require immediate “anti-racism training.”

Should you now have a taste for bureaucratic tedium enlivened with outpourings of woke mania – which is to say, nasty, unhinged twattery - here’s 90 minutes more.

No, don’t thank me. Thank Karl.