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Friday Ephemera

Cheeeldren of the niiight. || Enchanted instrument. || You want one and you know it. || Know your moons. || The thrill of surface tension. || Firefighting garments of note. || The Guardian, ladies and gentleman. || Effective, if not always elegant. || It ain’t pretty, but it flies. || If you laugh at this, you’re a terrible, terrible person. || Big beasts. I said beasts. || This is one of these. || Wet hands and Satie, together at last. || Pay slip of note. || On the origins of circumcision. || Remember when the ACLU wasn’t entirely ludicrous and unhinged? || Hey, it could happen. || You may need to give it a minute. (h/t, Damian) || Seafront views. || And finally, while on holiday in France, a family’s luggage goes astray.


Farnsworth M Muldoon

I saw poke, which is a salad?

Not really, unless one also considers steak tartare a salad, or shrimp cocktail a drink...

Steve E

Not really,

Sorry, never had it before. Googled it and came up with this:

actually looks really good.

More to the point though, it made me think of Polk Salad Annie.

Lancastrian Oik

Stock 1960's American "lets build it cheap" solid axle & leaf spring, crappy.

Shelby American had to do a lot of remedial work to make the GT350 handle, culminating in them mounting the rearmost spring hangers inside the boot (trunk) floor and heat treating the axle casings so that they could engineer in some negative camber at the back.

Early 'Stangs are a whole heap of fun to drive in anger, however, with or without Shelby's modifications.

Jonathan millennial are you?

I got two: quinoa and cauliflower rice.

Self reports for scold-o-matic treatment.


Early 'Stangs are a whole heap of fun to drive in anger, however, with or without Shelby's modifications.

Drove a '73 'Stang Grande in high school. Mom's car. It was essentially all I knew at the time. Then just before Dad died, he bought a refurbished red '65 convertible Stang, which I inherited. He would take it to car shows and it even won a People's Choice award at a large show in The Villages in FL. But driving that thing around was too much stress for me. Between it being virtually a museum piece and being used to modern suspensions, it really wasn't much fun. Unless you like being noticed. Not really my thing.

My favorite car to drive was my '98 Eclipse convertible. Not fun to make a U-turn in, but fun to drive. In just a couple years, that car will have been as far in the past as the '73 Stang was in 1998. If we're still playing that game.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Sorry, never had it before.

My sorry - was just trying to make a set up for the shrimp cocktail joke...

Googled it and came up with this:

Always bear in mind that these things are written by the same people who think putting peas in guacamole is a good idea and think something is a new thing because they never heard of it before.

Poke counter at a Hawaiian chain grocery store

Steve E

I thought David had shown us all there is to see in the world of performance art and then I saw this. Lefties looking for their next big idea.

Trigger warning: Eye bleach may be required.

Daniel Ream

I clocked in at a five, but that's because three of those things are common on low-carb diets.

Zenith Carb

Enchanted instrument.

Not much time left to learn to play the harp before the start of deer season. I better get on it right away...

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