I’m Sensing Unrest
Beneath The Planet Of the Bedlamites

Friday Ephemera

Kitchen scenes. (h/t, Damian) || Teeny tiny drama. || Daring daylight heist. || Those adorable fluffballs. || Floral jelly cake. You heard me. || Not fiddlesome at all, these origami masks. || Their prangs and mishaps were way worse than yours. || Question asked. || Consequences. || Nommy-nommy-nom. || Medical advice of note. || Somewhat embarrassing. || Bending light. || The thrill of yeast. || She had one of these and way before you. || At last, an alternative to bug spray. || Dining of note. || Good deed detected. || Their antique rapatronic camera is better than yours. || Pineapple is racist and oppressive. || At last, a UV phone sanitiser. || Fox chortling. (h/t, Darleen) || And finally, via sk60, heroic doings.