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July 08, 2020



Jodie Comer - whoever she is - might as well give up now. She will not win against the Twittermocracy. Any defense of yourself, or any apology, or even silence is a confession of indelible, unforgivable guilt. The accusation is the verdict. The sentence is carried out immediately with no possibility of parole.


I don't understand the influence of the Twitter Mob.
Twitter is a sewer.
We are being threatend by sewage.
Who cares what sewage 'thinks'?
Who apologizes to sewage?

Rick Henwood

Maybe I can figure out how to insert an image
I suppose Mr Kaufman will next be wondering why The Little White Man walks away while the Black Man does all the work.


Nope. Hey Farnsworth how did you post that pic up there?


. . . how did you post that pic up there?

Note: [img src="NameOfPicHere"]

Now, when doing that, instead of [ and ], < and > are used instead.

For name of NameOfPicHere, https://www.arcamax.com/newspics/184/18497/1849749.gif serves as a near random image that is available off thataway.---and as I'm editing, when I hit that preview button down below, I note the Typepad system even sees that as a link to display as a link . . .

When plugged into the pic display method, [img src="https://www.arcamax.com/newspics/184/18497/1849749.gif"] becomes the result.

And, with the actual subsitution of < and > so that there is an actual result rather than just typing about it, one gets:


Pro tip: make sure the quotes that you use around the URL are both the 11 kind and not the 66/99 kind, IYKWIM.


Pro tip: make sure the quotes that you use . . .

Ah, Yes . . . . When typing directly into the little window, you should get just basic simple two tick quotes.

When doing something like first typing into a word processor for basic spell checking and all that, what can tend to occur is that the word processor will take the basic quotes and substitute the decorative curly quotes . . . . and then when that is pasted into the text window, Typepad has no idea what to to with the decorative bits and just posts a string of characters.

And the solution at that point is to just find those wrong quotes and just type in the correct ones, and then the display acts normally . . .





If you don't remember exactly how to embed a link, you can go to a web page that has links, right click anywhere on the page, select "view source", and then search for a keyword that you noticed in one of those links.


"As far as red/green being confused with a traffic signal, that the streets of East Berlin weren't perpetually jammed with the twisted wreckage of Trabants and Wartburgs means either that was never an issue, or they were just better drivers."

It would be confusing in New York because green signals were never previously used for pedestrian crossings, so it made sense to maintain the same colour scheme as the old 'WALK/DON'T WALK signals. Presumably they didn't have problems with the 'green man' in East Berlin because that's what they've always used.


I can still just about remember the first
signs in Cleve-Oh in the '60s. They had red letters on black background, except the ones that had opaque glass backgrounds of whitish (pearly bubbles) hue. And a year or so later the next generation of signs went up, with white letters on black.

Each time, it took a few seconds to feel comfortably familiar with the new system. There must have been plenty of fatal accidents during that unavoidable learning period, but chance would have it never at any crosswalk where I happened to be standing.

Rick Henwood

Thanks everyone but y'all just confused the hell out of me. So is the first criterion that I sign in with typepad?

Note: [img src="NameOfPicHere"]

Now, when doing that, instead of [ and ], < and > are used instead.

and, hmmm I must be a blithering idiot but I don't see an "and" there. Barkeep! More whiskey please. No flies and do you have a sausage roll somewhere?

I used to think I was computer literate. I used to think I could click and drag a file or image with the best of them. (Just leave the bottle, that's a good fellow)

I used to think I could whole sentences write and converse the best of them with. wITH flair and finesh. Finness. Finnesssssse. (Fill everone's glass) (Have a bottle

yoursell) Nice establishment ya got here. About those pictures, nudge,nudge,wink,wink. NO,no not those picyuers (got any?) Pictures one can post in the comments

cause apictue is better than athousand words right.

Rick Henwood

[img src="http://images.roadtrafficsigns.com/img/lg/X/worker-symbol-sign-x-w21-1a.png"]

So there is supposed to be an "< and >" somewhere?

Rick Henwood

This is text as per request

Well waddya know! Went to the pic, right click inspect, three dots left corner of highlighted code, select copy, select copy element, paste and voila!


Well waddya know!


Of course, yes, a followup note is that one does have to see what the image size is, and thus what size image turns up through Typepad.

The only reliable attempt that I've been able to see is to use the preview button, where often one can see if the image is small enough to fit . . . and sometimes the size still winds up off a bit.

Rick Henwood

Thanks Hal I usually preview my posts anyway. So far so good.

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