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July 2020

Beneath The Planet Of the Bedlamites

“It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap!”

Following this recent item on Robin DiAngelo and her lamentable bestseller White Fragility, some of you may have been wondering, “What kind of person is drawn to and internalises this neurotically demented horseshit?”

Well. Via Karl in the comments, here’s a possible answer, captured for posterity during a live-streamed meeting of the New York City Community Education Council on June 29 2020. In a mercifully abridged video, edited by Benjamin Boyce, and embedded below, we see “public education advocate” and gratuitous declaimer of pronouns Ms Robin Broshi using the meeting to chase away the demons nesting in her head. Demons that are also, it seems, tormenting a number of her colleagues.

It’s thirteen minutes long and quite intense. You may wish to bite down on something.

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Friday Ephemera

Kitchen scenes. (h/t, Damian) || Teeny tiny drama. || Daring daylight heist. || Those adorable fluffballs. || Floral jelly cake. You heard me. || Not fiddlesome at all, these origami masks. || Their prangs and mishaps were way worse than yours. || Question asked. || Consequences. || Nommy-nommy-nom. || Medical advice of note. || Somewhat embarrassing. || Bending light. || The thrill of yeast. || She had one of these and way before you. || At last, an alternative to bug spray. || Dining of note. || Good deed detected. || Their antique rapatronic camera is better than yours. || Pineapple is racist and oppressive. || At last, a UV phone sanitiser. || Fox chortling. (h/t, Darleen) || And finally, via sk60, heroic doings.

I’m Sensing Unrest

And so, an open thread, in which to share links and bicker. 

I’ll set the ball rolling with the gushing brains of Harvard’s best, and, via Captain Nemo, a textbook display of socialism, darling.

Our betters, you see.


In the comments, John notes the agitation of Ms Janover, our Harvard intellectual, and adds, rather drily, “Something is obviously upsetting her.” Well, yes. As a Higher Being, she’s offended by “entitled caucasity,” by which she means expectations of reciprocity.

Needless to say, the upset continues. Despite being quoted verbatim – and despite her own video, which she saw fit to share, presumably expecting applause - Ms Janover is now claiming that she has been cruelly misrepresented by “Trump supporters,” whose “hate” she denounces. After threatening to stab people who disagree with her. We’re told, furthermore, that she will “never be silenced into shame.” Which is rather the problem, one might think.

The not-at-all-entitled Ms Janover is also, it seems, astonished that sharing stabby meltdown videos is not a good way to impress employers.