Elsewhere (297)
Journey To The Centre Of Attention

Friday Ephemera

Actual science, people. || Ladder commercial of note. || Lab research of note. || Meanwhile, in Roswell, New Mexico, the visitors are contained. || Today’s word is excavation. || Uncle Tom. || The caring kind. || Consequences. (h/t, Jeff) || I learned a new word today. || Plant nuggets. They taste like chicken, apparently. || GoPro inside a car tyre. || Harry Potterbut with guns. || Musically speaking, a partial success. || Mercedes in peril. || Heh. (h/t, Damian) || Dinnertime negotiation of note. Our place in the food chain is safe, for now. || And how was your day? || She does this better than you. || Often-filmed rock formations. || And finally, a job done, though perhaps not quite as smoothly as one might have hoped.