Elsewhere (301)
If We Just Stop Noticing, Everything Will Be Fine

Friday Ephemera

In case of emergency, how to move the solar system. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Little wooden woods. || Gardening gloves of note. || Grounds for divorce, a possible series. || Augmented reality for dogs. || I’m sensing doubt. || Just a few weeks, they said. || Awkward. || Kicking option. || Hokum pays. || Nippy. || “Possibly a chess piece.” || Our betters hate capitalism. || Angry bird. || Critical Drinker reviews The Boys season two. || One bedroom, one bathroom, outstanding view of airport. || About bloody time. || Not untrue. || That’s exactly how I would have done it. || Not as easy as it looks. || The thrill of Marks & Spencer’s Food Hall. || Furnishings of note. || And finally, madam, you must choose quickly.